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PREGNANCY: Just two weeks can make a big difference

As a perinatal nurse in the South Sound, I see many pregnant women a few weeks from a full-term pregnancy who are anxious to deliver. Many don’t understand how critical the last few weeks of pregnancy are to the healthy development of their baby.

But I know that healthy babies are worth the wait. At least 39 weeks of pregnancy are crucial to a baby’s health as development of critical organs continue during the last weeks of pregnancy. Current research shows the risk of infant death doubles when a baby is born at 37 weeks of pregnancy when compared to

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SMOKING: Others should follow Franciscan’s lead

Congratulations to Tacoma’s Franciscan Health System for being the first Washington State Hospital Association member to require that prospective employees be tobacco-free (TNT, 2-12). I wonder if this will apply to doctors applying for staff membership and employment.

A recent New York Times article states that hospitals in several states have “stopped hiring smokers in the last year and more are openly considering the options.” I’m glad Washington hospitals are beginning to follow the same policy.

As president of Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center’s medical staff in 1978, I instituted a no-smoking policy within the hospital for patients’ benefit. Mary

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