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FERRIES: Lower fares for child passengers

Almost all Puget Sound residents use the state ferries at least occasionally. Prior to 1998, kids paid half the adult fare – just like senior citizens.

Since 2003, Washington State Ferries has charged kids 60 percent more than seniors. WSF raised youth fares by dollars to save drivers dimes. Low-income children thus had less access to opportunities on the other side of Puget Sound, and all families with cars were incentivized to drive around across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Ferry ridership has been declining since 1999, despite regional population growth.

For more than two years, I have been advocating for

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FERRIES: System seems to get special treatment

Re: “‘Patch’ planned for ferry funds” (TNT, 3-28).

Now, let me make sure I understand this.

We don’t have enough money in the highway fund, so we are going to make drivers pay tolls for highway projects.

We don’t have enough money to operate the ferry system. So the fix is to take more money from the highway fund and make drivers pay even more tolls for highway projects.

Sounds to me like the tolls are nothing but a tax to support the ferry system.

I thought that when we got the new Narrows Bridge toll forced on us that

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FERRIES: Privatizing hasn’t gone well in B.C.

I’m a former Tacoma resident now living in British Columbia. I keep up with Washington news through your newspaper and Seattle news stations.

The idea of privatizing the ferry system is not a good one. British Columbia did that a few years ago, and it is not working. Ask the average Vancouver Islander or resident of Lower Mainland, B.C., and they will tell you that we are now paying much more and getting far less service since it was privatized.

The only people happy with this system are the B.C. Ferries executives getting the huge salaries. Customer service and satisfaction

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