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FAIR: Greed has brought dark days to Puyallup

Re: “Extending the state fair’s run makes fiscal sense” (editorial, 1-23).

Last year will probably be my last trip to the fair. It has become so expensive I can’t afford to take my family.

Calling the fair nonprofit is an oxymoron. Meeker Days is a small-town community celebration; the fair is nothing but a good-old-boys-club shakedown. Who pays $3 for a bottle of water?

I wrote the fair management team last year expressing my concern that they were pricing themselves out of existence. I didn’t receive one response. Seeing how the fair chose not to release attendance figures, I’m probably

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FAIR: Don’t discontinue special senior days

I don’t know who made the decision to not have senior days anymore at the Washington State Fair, but I want to register my disappointment.

Supposedly, the fair was to be an improvement over the “Puyallup Fair,” but if they are disenfranchising the senior population, how is that an improvement?

Many of us look forward to those days every year. There’s not a lot else going for us at the fair other than lots of unhealthy food, entertainment geared to another generation, and rides that suggest you don’t ride if you have back or heart problems.


FAIR: Cost prohibitive for many families

Re: “Fair attendance? Officials won’t say, but vendors disappointed” (TNT, 9-24).

I have attended the fair for many years and so have my children, grandchildren and many of my friends. But due to the outrageous rise in costs for everything at the fair, the average person can’t afford to go anymore, especially if they have children.

It’s no wonder the game, food and ride booths say their sales and attendance are falling. This year I heard so many people complaining about the prices of everything and that this would be their last fair.

I have to agree with them.

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FAIR: Getting there by bus is hardly ‘a breeze’

The Washington State Fair insert in Wednesday’s News Tribune said it’s “a breeze” to get to the fair, so I went online to check the bus schedule.

As a fair employee, I can get there from the Lakewood Transit Center with three changes, but cannot get home when I work until 10:30 p.m. People who want to enjoy the fair at dark cannot get a bus home.

What is Pierce Transit’s reasoning for not having the “Fair Bus” as it did until a few years ago? I would gladly pay to ride the bus. A last-minute adjustment from Pierce Transit

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FAIR: Name change shows a lot of gall

Re: “‘Do the Puyallup’ won’t change” (TNT, 9-20).

I could not believe the gall of the Western Washington Fair Association in changing the name of the Puyallup Fair to the Washington State Fair. Since when did Puyallup become Washington State?

Being from Yakima/Central Washington, I am a bit irritated with the thought that everything in this state revolves around Western Washington. There are several fairs throughout the state, and they are all named according to where they are located. Considering the “fan base” for the Puyallup fair is mostly Pierce County, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it

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