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EDUCATION: Who’s really being spineless?

I cannot express how disappointed I was with The News Tribune’s editorial (4-27) calling our state lawmakers spineless for not followed the bidding of Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

But then I remember back four years when that same News Tribune editorial board backed the district over the teachers during our strike, and I remember all the editorials I have read since, and I realized that this newspaper, at least in modern times, has never backed the teachers. It has backed the school district, and I am grateful for the support given for passing levies because that money is imperative

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ELECTION: Teachers union trying to instill fear

In a recent email to teachers, the Issaquah Education Association – a sub-set of the state teachers union – unloaded a heap of false claims to instill fear into its “customers.”

In the email, IEA President Phylis Runyan describes a scorched-earth scenario in which Washington will become “the next Wisconsin” if Rob McKenna becomes our governor.

Runyan fabricates 32 outcomes, such as “(having) No rights against discrimination,” “No standards for student behavior,” “no medical, family or dental care” and “no input on salary or working conditions.” Her list of false doomsday scenarios goes on and on.

Everything she says is

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SPENDING: Disconnect of public sector employees

A  letter from a Washington Education Association member (TNT, 2-28) exemplifies the disconnect of many unionized civil servants.

There’s a reason that the private sector, including unionized workers, don’t receive the Cadillac benefits packages that government employees do: namely, their employers would go broke. No private company could provide those levels of benefits and stay in business.

So many government workers don’t seem to understand that, by design, they don’t sell their services or goods; they’re paid for by taxes and fees.

The WEA member that I referred to arrogantly proclaims that she feels no shame for taking what

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