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ROMNEY: His wealth isn’t what’s frightening

Let’s be fair and realistic when discussing Mitt Romney’s tax returns. The tax code gives him (and any other wealthy person) certain deductions that aren’t available to the rest of us. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of them?

I’m not his apologist (he doesn’t need one and I wouldn’t be so presumptuous, anyway), but why attack him or any other candidate for being rich? In truth, wealthy people are the only ones who can afford to run for national office these days. Anybody who clings to the romantic notion about some poor person running for president just isn’t paying attention.

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WARS: Let’s build the future instead

Re: “Let’s examine our priorities (letter, 6-17).

The writer hits the nail squarely on the head. Our priorities definitely need to be rethought. The battles at home should be taken care of before the many wars around the world.

We need to make sure the health and education of our children is addressed now. The billions spent on war could be spent on infrastructure that will last far into the future. Let’s make the future something good for the kids.