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BALES: We all share some responsibility

Re: “Death penalty for Bales?” (TNT, 11-14).

I feel very sad that Robert Bales stands accused of killing 16 Afghan people and leaving others wounded and without their loved ones. But as an American, I sympathize with him and his family. We have asked our military to fight this unwinnable war; it was his fourth deployment! How much can a human being take?

His family was in trouble. He had seen one too many of his military buddies wounded by an enemy that is not in uniform. Pills were readily available, and if he did drink alcohol and had

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ELECTION: Is this what TNT is endorsing?

Re: “With sobered expectations, Obama for president” (editorial, 10-24).

Is this what The News Tribune endorses for America?

• An unemployment rate of nearly 8 percent today, when we were promised the rate would fall to 5 percent with the $800 billion-plus stimulus?

• A doubling of gas prices?

• $6 trillion added to the national debt?

• An increase of food stamp usage from 32 million to 46 million users?

• A nearly $4,000 decrease in median income for the middle class?

• A 2,700-page health care law with over 1,300 waivers given to Democratic allies and patrons?

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WAR: Don’t minimize horrible situations

Re: “Did the surge succeed?” (editorial, 9-30).

The editorial describes “the relative stability of Iraq – where the army’s counter-insurgency tactics did finally prevail.” Twenty-four hours later, a headline reads, “Series of attacks kills at least 26: Coordinated bombings point to continued instability” (TNT, 10-1).

The attempt to minimize the enormous impact by U.S. and NATO military and contract warriors by suggesting relative peaceful results supports and reinforces the denial which apparently pervades much of public thinking and lack of appropriate behavior.

The editorial continues with, “One unambiguous result, namely, fewer U.S. troops will be dying.” Nonsense! We

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ISLAM: US is reacting with political correctness

The recent attack on an airbase in Afghanistan has a subplot that mirrors the ongoing issue of Muslims rioting over a video that depicts the Prophet Muhammad in a bad light: inconsistent political correctness.

The politically correct point of view wants to emphasize how terrible it is that anyone would film a parody of Muhammad rather than ask why Muslims riot and kill all over a very poor imitation of the movie “Life of Brian.” They are demanding that the U.S. government curtail freedom of speech here in America. Even the Pentagon top brass has reached out to an evangelical

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WAR: Take care of our own country

I guess I’ll never understand. Why war? Why do we have to go to war in all these different countries? Some people tell me it’s because of the economy, others tell me it’s to protect the United States. Either way, or for whatever reason, it seems sickening that our young people have to give up their lives in strange lands.

It seems to me we should protect our economy, our lands, by staying home, getting our government to do better with making jobs for those that need jobs, guarding our own borders, in general taking care of our own in

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WAR: Is Obama immune to antiwar protests?

My impression that there has been an increased number of Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldiers killed in Afghanistan was sadly confirmed in articles that recently appeared in The News Tribune. It is a bitter pill to swallow that the change promised by President Obama has not come to pass, as he carries on the Bush war in Afghanistan with only rumors of a plan to end it.

It is difficult for me to understand that lack of action. Has Obama sold out or fallen to pressure from the military-industrial complex?

I have also noticed a lack of news about antiwar protests.

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WAR: Send a clear message to Afghan chieftains

Re: “Generals consider Afghan insider attacks” (TNT, 8-21).

We need to make a radical change in our “stay the course” strategy for Afghanistan. As a first action, end direct training between our troops and their would-be killers. After 10 years, don’t they have their own experienced cadre of trainers?

Secondly, send a clear message – without any diplomatic ambiguity – to all the Afghan tribal chieftains. Something like this:

We failed to change your society – we did what we came to do by uprooting and neutering al-Qaida post 9/11. We stayed too long as your “guest” in a

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WAR: U.S. needs to get out of Afghanistan

I want us out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. I was a fervent supporter of both the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, but no longer.

We are pouring our youth’s blood and our treasure down a rat hole. I grieve as to conditions when we do leave, especially the gross subordination of women and girls.

Sadly, all of the progress we and others have helped them to achieve will quickly fade, as President Hamid Karzai gives only lip service to the plight of women. His only concerns are his well-being and self-enrichment, and the enrichment of his extended family through

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