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EXTINCTION: Competition for resources has begun

Re: “Humans must act against a new mass extinction” (Off the wire, 7-8).

I agree with the author’s theory of impending mass extinction, but I would blame it on too many humans on the planet which is leading to a dire scarcity of basic commodities.

As a result we are seeing massive migrations and, in some, cases military incursions to secure more resources. In my opinion, those desperate measures will eventually lead to all-out war - local and worldwide, conventional and nuclear. If anyone survives it will be the fortunate few who took refuge in remote parts of the globe, finding

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BALES: Exactly what is normal anymore?

Re: “Bales writes his mind was consumed by war and hate” (TNT, 6-7).

Sgt. Robert Bales is asking for a reduced sentence for his crime of multiple murders in Afghanistan. He says he now realizes that his mind was consumed by war and that what he thought was normal was actually the farthest thing from being normal.

So what is normal? Normal is people here and in allied countries carrying on normal and routine lives while war in the Middle East goes on and on. The war is just what appears on the news and in the newspapers.

What is

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WAR: Nazis, Japanese delivered death by air

Re: “History’s warriors often make little allowance for civilians” (TNT, 2-14).

The writer leaves out the architects of terror bombing from the air: the Nazi Germans and the Imperial Japanese Air force.

The Nazis’ air force pulverized cities across Europe. They started with Spanish towns, where hundreds of defenseless civilians were strafed and bombed. Then they bombed and burned Warsaw, Brussels, Coventry, London, Belfast, Belgrade and many Russian cities. Thousands of civilians died in the name of National Socialism conquest.

The Imperial Japanese air force terror bombed Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Chunking and Nanking. Thousands of civilians died in the name of

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MOVIE: An explanation for success of ‘American Sniper’

Why has “American Sniper” become such a rapturous, record-breaking movie – in spite of the relentless, ruthless opposition from the left wing and Michael Moore ilk?

“American Sniper” celebrates the heroism of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan (two of our nation’s most vilified wars) after being thrust into “immoral combat” by their political leaders – who simply did their utmost to protect each other and the innocent Iraqis, especially children, who were being massively tortured and beheaded by al-Qaida – which is also our enemy and can attack us anytime, at home, at random.

The movie shows (up

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OBAMA: This president didn’t rush into war

Re: “President shows cowardly leadership” (letter, 9-26).

We are still a great nation with a president trying not to rush into war, unlike our previous president who sent our troops to be maimed and die for a war of choice.

We have attended memorial services for more than 138 soldiers killed in that war. The pain that was suffered by the loved ones left behind was something I never want to see again.

Many of the soldiers from that war are suffering terribly with PTSD. I have personally been very instrumental in getting quite a few the help they

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MILITARY: Our wars haven’t made us safer

Re: “Ford-class ships boost ability” (TNT, 11-10).

Mackenzie Eaglen says we need a fleet of new “Ford-class” super aircraft carriers at about $14 billion apiece. Writing as a veteran on Veterans Day, I ask why must we have the wars she apparently anticipates?

When, since World War II, has war ever made us more prosperous or secure? Vietnam was a flat-out loss despite thousands of dead and wounded on both sides and thousands of Vietnamese still suffering from our use of poison gas – which is what Agent Orange is.

Far from making us any safer, hatreds generated by

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TERRORISM: Stop intervening in the Islamic world

When it comes to the so-called war on terror, we’ve all been told by our government that these terrorists “hate our freedom,” and we must fight them tooth and nail to save our way of life. The way we do that is to launch military campaigns against places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

What have we gotten out of the wars there? We’ve spent a ton of money and have a debt approaching $17 trillion to show for it. We have thousands of dead and wounded young Americans to show for it, and, through our interventions, we’ve generated enough hatred in

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SYRIA: Middle Eastern quicksand ahead

As a U.S. Army veteran, seeing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s and other national leaders’ chest thumping about Syria is upsetting. Plenty of my friends have died overseas, and the American people should take a deep breath before involving ourselves in a conflict with the potential to boil over into a regional war drawing possibly Iran and Russia into, both of which are firm allies of Syria.

We should recall the warnings of both George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower and work to avoid all manner of foreign entanglements, more so as we work to divest ourselves of our entanglements in Iraq

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