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TACOMA: Walmart leads to loss of good-paying jobs

If you don’t count the already worsening traffic, the first casualty of Walmart in Central Tacoma is the closing of Top Foods. It is the loss of good-paying union jobs in exchange for minimum wage jobs doing the same work. In addition, the already rich Walton family has transferred the cost of providing paychecks to their employees and local businesses by issuing debit cards instead of paper checks or direct deposit.

It is important to remember that it is the greed of the Elks Club that is in part to blame. I will continue to shop at local businesses.


TACOMA: Decide locally on sick leave policy

Re: “Paid sick leave would be a bad idea for city” (letter, 6-8).

The writer’s feigned concern for low-wage workers is as discredited as his sloppy research. His D.C. lobbying firm is bankrolled by multibillion-dollar corporations. When was the last time Walmart shed a tear for the plight of the working poor?

This is the face of the opposition to paid sick leave: wealthy, out-of-touch D.C. business lobbyists who want to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do in our own communities.

Paid sick leave does deserve serious conversation, from stakeholders such as small businesses, as well as

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TAXES: Internet tax will hurt businesses

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rushed legislation through the Senate requiring Internet businesses to pay state sales taxes (TNT, 5-7). Reid’s action is astonishing due to its unfavorable effect on small businesses, the cornerstone of our economic well-being.

The speed of his action, in this regard, is in stark contrast with his continued refusal for many months to bring 20-plus pieces of House legislation, generally friendlier to free-enterprise capitalism, up for a vote.

The beehive of energy that free enterprise capitalism provides is generated by small business, which promotes creativity and innovation. These enterprises significantly improve the rate of

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GUNS: A common thread to our national insecurity

Background checks provide a false sense of security. America needs a universal foreground check.

Local violent shootings by a police chief, soldiers and citizens tell us that passing a background check does not predict the impossibility of future explosive gun violence. A foreground check tells us it is foreseeable that more disgruntled, alienated and agitated men will legally obtain guns for mass shootings.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says our national security system failed in Benghazi and Boston, where a total of seven died. Our national security system also failed to foresee and prevent the killings of 33 at Virginia Tech,

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LIQUOR: Mom-and-pop stores are suffering the hangover

Re: “The liquor store hangover” (TNT, 12-9).

The front-page article depicts the hangover the state of Washington, Safeway, Walmart, etc., along with the liquor distributors, have inflicted on the mom-and-pop liquor retail business.

Granted the new owners should have known about all the fees associated with buying into this business of liquor sales, but that alone is no excuse for the crippling taxes laid on those who don’t have the resources big retailers enjoy. The article notes that Oregon is reaping substantially from our state’s overly regressive and oppressive tax system on booze.

Putting the squeeze on the mom-and-pop

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LAKEWOOD: What exactly was accomplished by road changes?

I live in the neighborhood right off of Bridgeport Way, across from the Lakewood Walmart. Recently, road crews completed work on the stretch of Bridgeport that begins at the intersection of Custer Boulevard and continues to the University Place Fred Meyer store.

What exactly has been accomplished by this project? The street is now jet-black, and the previously normal-length traffic lane markers are now a series of short, unevenly placed lines that are virtually impossible to see when it’s dark outside or when the road is wet.

The intersections that mark the three entrance/exits for Walmart were hazardous enough before

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WALMART: Black Friday resistance is futile

Re: The proposed Black Friday boycott of Walmart.

I understand those who want to protest against Walmart because of perceived discrimination against workers, whether it be due to race or gender, or because of its impact on smaller businesses. But the fact is that Walmart is a major part of the U.S. economy. Boycotting Walmart, even if it’s only for Black Friday, will cause the company to cut wages, which will mean they’re lower than the workers are complaining they are anyway.

Ultimately, though, there won’t be enough to fully boycott Walmart because people will think since everyone else will

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I-1240: Vote against corporatizing our schools

Last year we had the Occupy Wall Street movement of thousands in the 99 percent to take back our country. The top 1 percent are fighting back – to take away our public schools with Initiative 1240 to bring undemocratic charter schools to Washington state.

Why are the rich trying to take over public schools with our own tax dollars?

It’s not just Bill Gates and Paul Allen who have given millions to fund this pro-charter school initiative. The Walmart barons have “invested” $1.7 million to get you to vote for charter schools paid for by taxpayers – and they

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