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TRADE: Kilmer sells out workers with fast-track vote

The vote by my representative, Congressman Derek Kilmer, in support of fast-tracking another job-killing trade agreement was a betrayal of the American people.

Nobody says we shouldn’t trade, but so-called free trade agreements like NAFTA and now this Trans-Pacific Partnership kill American jobs so Walmart and other transnational corporations can make a vulture’s profit from our once proud economy. TPP is treason in a trade deal because American jobs will disappear.

Fast-tracking trade agreements, negotiated in complete secret from the American people (not from corporations) destroy our democratic sovereignty. That’s what Kilmer voted for on June 12.

Only transnational corporations loyal only to

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PATRIOT ACT: Don’t submit to fear

Our world may be dangerous, but we Americans are submitting to this fear. I point out the Fourth Amendment freedoms that were withdrawn with the passage of the Patriot Act as an example.

We now know, because of Edward Snowden, that the government has been collecting meta-data phone records since the passage of the act in 2003 without our authorization, and some of us are cool with that.

The whistleblower is still in Russia. He did the right thing, and our officials blame him. Fortunately, there is the prospect that this egregious part of the Patriot Act will end because

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OBESITY: Why blame Walmart and not Costco?

Re: “Walmart’s expansion might be cause of expanding waists” (TNT, 2-1).

Why cite Walmart and not Costco? A mere substitution of Costco for each reference to Walmart would seem to fit appropriately, starting from a similar first store opening date (Price Club in 1962) to an ever expanding 670-plus locations, primarily in large population locations.

Perhaps a corresponding study is in order by the researchers to see if Costco’s presence has also contributed to the “expanding waists ” problem.


LAKEWOOD: What’s needed are middle-class jobs

Re: “Multicar-garage homes and nice lawns are what Lakewood wants to attract” (TNT, 5-21).

To build and sell $400,000 homes in Lakewood requires a middle-class population that can afford to buy them. Unfortunately, the middle class, as a whole, is not doing so well.

Politics and the recession are still taking a toll on what is left of the middle class. There are far too many service jobs that pay at the low end of the pay scale and not enough middle-class jobs that pay in the area of $100,000 and up.

Some families have both spouses working to

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EDUCATION: Who’s really being spineless?

I cannot express how disappointed I was with The News Tribune’s editorial (4-27) calling our state lawmakers spineless for not followed the bidding of Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

But then I remember back four years when that same News Tribune editorial board backed the district over the teachers during our strike, and I remember all the editorials I have read since, and I realized that this newspaper, at least in modern times, has never backed the teachers. It has backed the school district, and I am grateful for the support given for passing levies because that money is imperative

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WALMART: Store isn’t a good neighbor to hospital

Walmart on South Union Avenue is not a good neighbor to Allenmore Hospital. Our previous neighbor, the Tacoma Elks, leased the hospital some of its parking spaces. Walmart refused to lease any parking to the hospital when approached about it.

The terms used to describe the interaction was “Walmart was not amenable.” Perhaps we should not be “amenable” to shopping in their establishment.


TACOMA: Support Prop. 1 and fix city’s streets

Tacoma’s blighted, pothole-ladened streets are painfully evident to both residents of Tacoma and visitors alike and pose a risk to any car attempting to travel on them.

The reality is that Tacoma’s streets will never be improved without a focused funding effort, which Proposition 1 offers Nov. 5. One of the beauties of Proposition 1 is that, unlike proposals to raise the sales tax, it allows multimillion-dollar hospitals, large corporations, entities in the Port of Tacoma, Walmart, and state and federal entities to participate in paying to repair the streets.

Outlying suburban areas, such as Fife and University Place –

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WALMART: It’s deja vu on ‘Made in America’

Re: “Walmart sponsors 2-day manufacturing summit” (TNT, 8-23).

In 1985, Walmart promoted that it supported American-made products on its store shelves. It even went to the factories and filmed commercials showing the American-made products and showcasing the workers. Then Walmart started buying more imported items instead. The companies featured in the ads, many of which had expanded to accommodate Walmart, went out of business.

It was just an advertising scam to lure shoppers into Walmart. The “Made in America” promotion faded into business history, along with nearly all American-made products sold by Walmart.

So, here we go again. Should

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