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LAWS: Inequity in how our justice is applied

Re: “Laws are meant for everyone” (letter, 12-5).

This letter might have been read as a complaint about immigrants. I am for immigration reform in which there is a path to citizenship, but that is not the point of this letter.

I would argue with the writer’s basic premise that laws are for everyone. Two glaring examples:

• New York City has had a stop-and-risk law. Who gets stopped? It seems that the only guilty-looking people in New York are blacks and Hispanics. One percent of these people are actually doing something wrong. Is this an example of a law

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NEWS: The real world offers reason for hope

Whether we get our news from the newspaper or the TV, it’s hard to maintain our faith in America when all we hear and read are negative, self-serving pronouncements coming from the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham. It seems purveyors of gloom and doom are very much in fashion these days.

And, yet, when we look at the real world, there is reason for hope.

The market is up about 20 percent for the year, job numbers are encouraging, real estate is recovering, universal health care is going through its birthing pains,

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OBAMA: Critic could use a reality check

Re: “Speech puts failure on display” (letter, 7-26).

The letter is about as far away from reality as it gets. The writer says a recent speech by President Obama shows his failures, when actually it clearly illustrates the failures of the Party of No, otherwise known as the Republicans.

The modern world is not something the conservatives can accept, as they constantly throw roadblocks in front of the president on such issues as comprehensive health care for all citizens, fair immigration policies, women’s health and women’s choice, gay rights, stronger gun laws, protecting the environment, reining in the excess

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GUNS: Congress continues to ignore average citizens

The failure of the Senate to pass the background checks bill is another example of a Congress that is increasingly unresponsive to the will of most Americans. It matters little that a majority of Americans favored strengthening of federal background checks. The opinion of a private gun club, the NRA, is more important to them.

The NRA seems to have as much power as many government agencies, if not more, and it is not accountable to American citizens. Other examples of congressional unwillingness to act affect consumer protection and public safety. Consider the following examples:

• Many senators and representatives

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ECONOMY: Don’t make deal that hurts middle class

All Americans – from the extreme left to the extreme right – will suffer from a bad fiscal cliff deal. How do I know? Just look at some recent history.

TARP and the bailout handed public money to private corporations, rewarding them for playing fast and loose with the rules. America got involved in two wars, and we’ve paid a high price in blood and treasure. Tax cuts that heavily favored the wealthy were ruinous to our budget surplus.

These were all bad deals, but cutting Social Security and Medicare is the line in the sand. And we should all

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ELECTION: I will cast vote for the common good

This is a tough election for me, since both major parties have failed ordinary Americans by too often serving the wealthy, privileged and powerful special interests, at average Americans’ expense.

In many cases, this is due to our deeply flawed election system that requires Congress to spend a significant portion of time and favor currying campaign funds instead of serving the common good. So until we get the special interest/foreign government/multinational corporate money out of our elections, Americans will continue to suffer America as a corporatocracy rather than a democracy.

And since recent Republican Party extremism compounds the problem, I

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ELECTION: Look at what each side fights for

What does “winning” a debate really mean? Take a look at how each party’s policies affect you. Look at the actions of the last four years.

What did the Republicans fight for? To keep the tax cut of billions for the top 1 percent, corporations and oil companies.

What did the Democrats fight for? Health care, extended unemployment benefits, tax cuts to the middle class, mortgage relief, Wall Street reforms.

It’s our money. We have the power with our vote. We support the direction of our country by how we spend our money.

Do you really want to keep giving

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ELECTION: Not left or right but local

Does it makes any difference whether we vote Democrat or Republican? Really?

Neither left nor right offer real solutions. The left demands bloated union contracts and entitlement programs, but America no longer produces enough to sustain them. The right promotes unregulated corporatism, which kills miners, pollutes oceans, promotes bank fraud and speculates with middle-class savings. Both sides promise a revival of past prosperity.

But in 1950, America was the world’s only industry. European and Japanese economies were ruined; Chinese and Third World technology was nonexistent. Wall Street accumulated unprecedented wealth from American workers, who were without competition, while labor unions

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