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VOTING: There’s no need for prepaid mail ballots

Re: “Bill seeks postage-paid ballots, electronic vote” (TNT, 2-1).

State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle,  notes that ”In a democracy, everyone should participate.”

We do not have a democracy. We have a constitutional republic. Please get it right. There are many drop boxes in local communities now where completed ballots can be dropped off to submit one’s ballot.

Perhaps we should return to voting at local polls where one’s ballot is dropped in the box there.


ELECTIONS: Voting should be compulsory

Not only should voters become more engaged (letter, 8-25) but I propose that they be required to be engaged.

Thirty-one countries around the world have compulsory voting laws, including Australia, Austria, France, Italy – all modern, enlightened democracies. If they can do it, why can’t we? And consider why we should.

As it is, our democracy is being eroded by apathetic citizens, the outsize influence of big money in politics, a growing quasi-aristocracy of wealth, and the insidious attempts of the media to impose conformity of values and attitudes. We need a remedy.

Many people would balk at the

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ELECTIONS: Why vote for ‘lesser of two evils’?

Is it time for a third political party to emerge?

What would happen if all those who say, “I voted for the lesser of two evils” actually voted for a third candidate who was their real first choice? My view is that it would challenge the rule of the two big-money-dominated parties now in power and restore true integrity to democracy.

The “lesser of two evils” voters’ rationale is that a vote for a third party candidate would be wasted and therefore contribute to the power of the party they most emphatically don’t want to have win. This rationale must

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VOTING: Don’t rely on name recognition

Voters, please do not use your vote for someone just because you recognize that person’s name on the ballot. Read about the candidates and the issues in the voter’s pamphlet that is being sent in the mail now.

Some people have held office for 15 years in University Place just because their name is familiar. If they cannot get the job done in that amount of time, we need someone who can. Please vote and be informed when you do. It’s time for a change, and you can make it happen. Name recognition is not the way to vote.


RACE: Pastor wrong about voter suppression here

Re: “Past racial issues still with us, NAACP leader says” (TNT, 8-12).

Voter suppression may be one of the greatest threats to democracy across much of America, but I would disagree with Rev. Gregory Christopher’s recent remarks that this is an issue here in Pierce County.

Our hard-working Pierce County auditor, Julie Anderson, is doing a superb job. She tirelessly works to make sure everyone who legally can has the opportunity to vote. Very few public officials have the professionalism, dedication and determination that Anderson demonstrates in doing her sworn duty, and I think Christopher’s remarks were unfair.


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COUNTY: Election change would cut participation

RE: “Council proposes odd-year elections” (TNT, 7-20).

Pierce County Council member Doug Richardson’s county election proposal will cost $475,000 more in odd years, and might reduce the cost in some even years by $360,000. Richardson says a difference of $115,000 to $475,000 every two years is “pretty close to a wash.” Is he kidding?

This is the same County Council whose Republican members balked at changing their meeting to the evening, when more citizens could participate, citing the $13,300 per year additional cost (TNT, 3-26). Now they want to spend much more to reduce public participation in our

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ELECTIONS: We still need Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court is reconsidering the Voting Rights Act (thenewstribune.com, 2-27).

I grew up in the deep South, in Georgia – the only state then where the voting age was 18. My senior year in high school, our civics teacher took all of the 18-year-olds to the courthouse to register to vote.

The room we were in had a fence down the middle, and blacks entered by another door and tried to register on the other side of the fence. I filled out a form and was registered. I watched as blacks were asked to read and explain parts

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VOTING: Early deadline for ballots unnecessary

State Sen. Pam Roach’s bill requiring ballots to be received by 8 p.m. Election Day (TNT, 1-30) must be rejected. There is absolutely no compelling reason for that requirement. It would effectively disenfranchise many voters.

The U.S. Postal Service has considered closing mail-processing centers, leaving two centers open in Washington: in Seattle and Spokane. Those closures will effectively eliminate overnight mail service. The USPS has also proposed ending Saturday mail service.

Those proposed actions by the USPS will require voters to mail their ballots at least four days prior to any election. Much can happen during the four days

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