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ELECTION: Angel’s claims contradicted by performance

Voters may find 26th District state Rep. Jan Angel charming, but they should pay more attention to her performance as a legislator. She claims to be an advocate for families, education and women, but her voting record tells a different story. She has a history of putting the interests of her corporate handlers ahead of her constituents.

She claims she does not pass prepackaged ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) bills off as her own, but that is exactly how she got to be ALEC co-chair for the state of Washington.

ALEC owes its success at placing corporate special interest bills

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RACE: Pastor wrong about voter suppression here

Re: “Past racial issues still with us, NAACP leader says” (TNT, 8-12).

Voter suppression may be one of the greatest threats to democracy across much of America, but I would disagree with Rev. Gregory Christopher’s recent remarks that this is an issue here in Pierce County.

Our hard-working Pierce County auditor, Julie Anderson, is doing a superb job. She tirelessly works to make sure everyone who legally can has the opportunity to vote. Very few public officials have the professionalism, dedication and determination that Anderson demonstrates in doing her sworn duty, and I think Christopher’s remarks were unfair.


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VOTING: The big lie about voter fraud

In 1980, Republican activist Paul Weyrith gave a speech to a group of conservatives in which he said, “I don’t want everybody to vote” and “Our leverage in the elections goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

Republicans have taken his words to heart, and with funding from the right-wing billionaire Koch brothers and their front group, ALEC, Republican- controlled legislatures across the nation have passed or are trying to enact voter-suppression laws.

Let’s be clear: Voter fraud is “The Big Lie” dreamed up by those who know full well that their ideas and policies are not popular with

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