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VOTER ID: What’s really behind the push?

Re: “It’s easy to avoid problems” (letter, 7-10).

First off, voters presenting ID is not in the Constitution. What bothers me most about these “voter ID” efforts (more than the voter-suppression idea) is that they are being attempted right before a presidential election.

Shouldn’t this major change to the way Americans have voted for at least the five decades I’ve been alive come in a well-thought-out, comprehensive plan? Also, shouldn’t this effort be started at the voter registration level? Shouldn’t some kind of a study be done to prove that this is totally necessary?

I find it very odd

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VOTER ID: Comments needlessly derogatory

Re: “It’s easy to avoid problems” (letter, 7-10).

I did not follow the logic in the writer’s argument. How does voting by mail lessen voter fraud? A voter does not have to show ID to vote by mail, or am I missing something? Is he implying that signatures can never be forged? Or that there will be poll workers at each mailbox checking identification?

What bothers me about this letter is the unproven assertion that somehow “liberals” don’t like buying stamps or walking to a mailbox. How is that relevant to the writer’s argument? Has it now become the

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VOTER ID: Issue is constitutional, not political

Re: “The only fraud is the claim of protecting the ballot box” (Eugene Robinson column, 7-10).

It is now common for politics to creep its way into anything and everything, so it’s not surprising that recent efforts against voter fraud have been politicized.

The goal of these efforts is to ensure that only U.S. citizens over 18 can vote in elections. How is that unlawful or even distasteful? It is only constitutional.


VOTER ID: It’s easy to avoid problems

Re: “Thousands of votes could be tossed due to ID laws” (TNT, 7-9).

Solution: Vote by mail. It works for Washington state.

Perhaps that’s too simple for the liberals who are against voter ID laws. More likely it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda. Next they’ll complain about having to buy a stamp or having to walk all the way to the mailbox.


VOTING: Focus on providing valid ID

Re: “The big lie about voter fraud” (letter, 1-15).

The writer wants to claim since voter fraud isn’t rampant it’s not a problem voters should concern themselves with.

With elections being decided with razor-thin margins, voter fraud doesn’t have to be rampant to swing elections. One thing is certain, however: Every time an illegitimate vote is cast, a legitimate voter is disenfranchised.

The truth is we don’t really know how much voter fraud goes on since very few seem to be interested in conducting a thorough investigation to find out. Liberal Democrats certainly aren’t interested in finding out.


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