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VOTING: Court makes disenfranchisement easier

It appears that many Republicans in the U.S. Senate realize they can’t win the presidency without votes from the growing Latino minority, so to their credit they passed a bipartisan immigration bill 68 to 32.

Exit to the Supreme Court, where much to the astonishment of civil rights veterans like Congressman John Lewis key provisions of the Voting Rights Act were dismantled. Republicans love this because now in states like Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and others they can pass bills requiring voter ID., which could throw millions of Latino, minority and senior voters off the rolls.

Texas already had a

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VOTING: What is Pierce County hiding?

What is the Superior Court of Pierce County hiding?

I have requested the names of those registered voters who have refused jury duty because they are not citizens and have been told that this is somehow privileged information. I learned recently that Douglas County has released its list.

Guess what? We found seven noncitizens who are registered to vote here in Washington. Extrapolating, that would mean that all of the other counties combined would have a minimum of 266 illegal voters. Didn’t Chris Gregoire swing the election by 135 votes? What we are seeing is big-time election fraud.

Judge Ronald

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VOTER ID: Republicans trying to suppress rights

Millions of dollars of federal taxpayers money was spent on a witch hunt to find illegal voters to support the Republicans’ attempt to suppress voting. It garnered minimal returns for the funds spent.

Consider this quote from Paul Weyrich, a well-known conservative and developer of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative lobby:

“Now many of our Christians have what I call the goo-goo syndrome – good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people, they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not

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CONGRESS: Republicans are betting against America

It is obvious to anybody with any degree of common sense or political savvy that Republicans in Congress are betting against America. They have control of the House, and no plan for jobs is on the table at all. Their plan is always obstruct and deny President Obama a second term. They’re so bold they even admit it.

Every job plan Obama has laid on the table has been defeated and strongly criticized. Their lies would be laughable if they weren’t so serious.

This is the worst Congress ever in the history of America, and it does not bother them.

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VOTER ID: Most things today require an ID

Re: “It’s time for us to get serious about voter suppression” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 7-18).

Pitts feels for all the people who couldn’t vote if they had to show ID.

Who are all these people? They must be really saintly because they don’t smoke or drink or see R-rated movies. They also must have some source of independent income as they can’t work; you have to have a picture ID when you fill out your I-9 form.

Do they get food stamps or other welfare? I’ve never applied, but do we just give it to anyone who walks

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VOTER ID: Everyone should show ID to vote

I believe that everyone who votes should be willingly show some type of ID. Photo ID is required to get utilities, a library card and other things. So what’s the problem with ID for voting? If you are legal, you should be proud to show photo ID.


ELECTION: Where do candidates stand on the real issues?

I’ve read every word of every one of The News Tribune’s editorial endorsements of the candidates for every state and federal position, whether or not it pertains to my specific district. And I am disappointed.

Why? Because I’ve been looking, in vain I might add, for the candidates’ views on recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (corporations as “persons,” unfettered donations by political action committees, women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, etc.) as well as immigration issues, Voter ID, repeal of all or part of the Affordable Care Act, etc. The list goes on.

In our area, it is evident that each

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VOTER ID: Lax licensing poses vote threat

Several letters have been published recently concerning Voter ID.

Washington state has no voter identification requirements. You can fill out a Washington voter registration form at the Department of Motor Vehicles when you get your driver’s license, or you can go online and fill out the form.

The voter registration form has you check two boxes, asking if you are a U.S. citizen and if you will be over 18 on election day. You provide your name, date of birth, phone number and marital status along with your home and mailing address.

Voting is all done by mail, so there

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