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VIOLENCE: We’re building a community of sociopaths

The current level of all violence is ridiculously high. The problem is not the plethora of instruments with which to commit violence, but the continued tragic eroding of family values.

Even think of taking another’s life without any pangs of conscience is abominable. Human life should carry more moral value to us than anything else on earth.

The root cause of this violence is in the deterioration of the importance of the value of human life. This matter of gifting self-esteem, instead of being required to earn it, is steadily building a community of sociopaths.

Without social conscience, we are

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TV: Study’s results seem intuitively obvious

Re: “Better TV may help with kids’ behavior” (TNT, 2-19).

One has to wonder how much money was spent studying something that seems intuitively obvious: that if young children watch too much violence on TV, they become more violent themselves. Yet this study seems to have been done in such a manner that the results are questionable at best. Even the people running it question some of their own methods.

When will common sense provide the answers to such problems rather than relying on some half-baked exercise like this? Surely the parents of today are smart enough to figure

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SHOOTINGS: Police should exercise restraint

Last week was certainly a very deadly week in our area. We had six violent encounters involving our police within six days.

It seems that stun guns and deadly weapons are being used indiscriminately, resulting in injury and death that is not appropriate coming from our “officers of peace.” These people are supposed to be professional and should have had training in methods of arrest that are not deadly. The use of force may be necessary in many cases, but isn’t death too much force?

Laws and rules are created to stop people from doing things that harm others and

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