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WAR: Why not just get out of the Middle East?

When I watch the evening news, the discussion is always about how we should attack the government of Syria, the Islamic State or the Taliban. Most of the politicians seem to be critical of the president for not being aggressive enough.

I was watching “Democracy Now” the other day and they were interviewing Cathy Kelly, a peace who has made many trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. She wonders why it is never discussed that maybe the solution to all this war stuff is that the U.S. just needs to get its military out of the Middle East.

It is widely acknowledged that

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IRAQ: What’s happening was easily predictable

I hate to say “I told you so,” but frankly I did. I predicted the same events for Iraq as happened in Vietnam: After the good guys leave, the bad guys move in and take over. Thousands of lives wasted, millions of men and women left with lifelong injuries – most physical, some mental.

When will the U.S. learn that this type of police action does not work?

Remember after we defeated Germany and Japan in World War II? To this day we have troops in those countries. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


MILITARY: Our wars haven’t made us safer

Re: “Ford-class ships boost ability” (TNT, 11-10).

Mackenzie Eaglen says we need a fleet of new “Ford-class” super aircraft carriers at about $14 billion apiece. Writing as a veteran on Veterans Day, I ask why must we have the wars she apparently anticipates?

When, since World War II, has war ever made us more prosperous or secure? Vietnam was a flat-out loss despite thousands of dead and wounded on both sides and thousands of Vietnamese still suffering from our use of poison gas – which is what Agent Orange is.

Far from making us any safer, hatreds generated by

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SYRIA: Another war would be a losing gamble

We had no vital interest in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, and we spent vast sums of our treasury, both financial and human. We ultimately lost or will lose both militarily and in credibility. So why are we now thinking Syria will be any different?

No one can predict the future, but we can consider the weight of our vital interests, which are next to none, versus  the costs of entering another war. A good gambler weighs the risks and costs of losing against the possible benefits of winning. We have to start learning what a good bet is.



ELECTION: Accusations against Flygare disheartening

I am disheartened by the accusations regarding the military service record of 30th District House candidate Roger Flygare, a dear friend (TNT, 9-30).

The motivation of one veteran to try to destroy the reputation of another must be questioned, especially of any veteran of that outrageously conflicted Vietnam tragedy.

As the widow of a Pearl Harbor survivor who spent six years in the Pacific from the Aleutian Island Patrol to Shanghai, I can say that I observed how wartime experiences stay with these unfortunate men, and I have heard more than my share of “war stories” over the years.

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