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JUDICIARY: Vicki Hogan should be replaced

The writer of a letter (TNT, 7-24) about Pierce County Superior Court Judge Vicki Hogan suggests that “There’s simply no reason to replace her.” Really?

Hogan ranked 17th out of our 22 judges in fairness, knowledge and respectfulness based upon a 2012 judicial evaluation survey with responses from nearly 500 local attorneys. More than one in four attorneys did not believe Hogan would competently or fairly handle their clients’ cases.

In some states, the law mandates that a public agency report to the electorate that a performance like Hogan’s does not meet minimum state judicial standards. The large majority

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JUDICIARY: Hogan’s integrity is needed

At a time when our court system is overflowing with cases, our community critically needs experienced, intelligent judges of integrity. Judge Vicki Hogan is that kind of judge.

In Hogan’s 20-year tenure as a Superior Court judge in Pierce County, she has continually ruled on a very wide variety of criminal and civil cases. In trials often lasting many days, Hogan has met the daunting challenge of making hundreds of daily decisions to keep trials moving and on track with fairness, a keen understanding of the law and a courtroom demeanor that respects both sides of the issues.

I urge

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