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VETERANS: Pay respect to those who’ve served

No society on Earth should embrace the love of war and the death that comes with it. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t at least pay some respect to the men and women who put on a military uniform every day to protect the life you live.

Every one of the volunteers who make up our armed forces know that at any moment they can be put in harm’s way.

However, they took on the challenge of trying to get into the military, succeeding in their training phase and becoming an expert in a particular field that helps to

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ELECTION: Reichert has worked for veterans

An online letter writer (TNT, 9-30) objected to The News Tribune editorial board’s endorsement (editorial, 9-30) of Congressman Dave Reichert in the 8th District. I vehemently disagree with the writer’s reasoning and can only conclude that he is insulting this 30-year Air Force veteran, my veteran friends (including Reichert) and the voters of the 8th District by calling us anti-veteran.

Reichert has stood up for us. For example, his “Housing for Heroes” legislation, which combats veteran homelessness, was included in “The Honoring America’s Veteran’s Act” signed into law in 2012. Reichert has also been a leading advocate for not

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VETERANS: Nonprofit course still needs support

I was very pleased to see your article, “Golf at American Lake helps disabled vets get outdoors” (TNT, 7-29).

As mentioned in the article, the Veterans Affairs golf course, which is completely managed and cared for by more than 200 unpaid volunteers, offers training and rehabilitation through golf, regardless of the types of disabilities and injuries suffered by our troops.

The article also mentioned that pro golfer and living legend Jack Nicklaus has contributed his design services free of charge in order to expand the present nine holes of golf to 18 as the number of rounds played exceeds

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CONGRESS: Delegation mostly neglects veterans

I rarely agree with Sen. Patty Murray’s politics. However, her determination to hold the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable for its reprehensible treatment of veterans is commendable. Murray has been the only member of Washington’s congressional delegation to repeatedly questioned former secretary Eric Shinseki about pervasive VA malfeasance.

My research, which includes the Congressional Record, shows all other Washington state members of Congress members were markedly silent about veterans’ complaints before the VA scandal went public. After their brief display of indignation, their inattention quickly returned.

Frankly, Congress gives higher priority to illegal aliens’ care than in ensuring ethical treatment

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MILITARY: Online shopping could be boon for vets

I see no downside to Army and Air Force Exchange Service CEO Thomas Shull’s proposal to allow all honorably discharged American veterans to participate in online shopping of the Exchange Services (Tom Philpott column, 6-7).

Exchange Services would profit; depleted Morale, Welfare and Recreation funds would be restored; the commissary system would be stabilized; and 22 million deserving American vets would get a break on their household expenses.

In addition, this plan could be a game-changer for the millions of baby boomer Vietnam vets contemplating how to cobble together a retirement budget.

At last, a military solution that is

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MILITARY: Obama’s cuts weaken US defense

It’s not surprising that President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal guts the military. The Democrats have a reputation of being weak on national defense. Have the threats around the world decreased?

Obama is proposing to cut the Army from 522,000 to around 440,000 and reduce benefits for service members and their families. It’s unconscionable that he would make this proposal while we are still at war. Soldiers are coming home with missing limbs and PTSD. Does Obama really appreciate the sacrifices of the military and their families?

Military benefits compensate members for low pay, help maintain an all volunteer force and

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MILITARY: Sen. Murray fails retired veterans

In all the replies I have gotten back from Sen. Patty Murray regarding veterans issues and my conservative point of view, I have never gotten back a reply that was not the total Democratic Party line.

She is an abject failure to the military veterans and retired, as most recently demonstrated by the so-called historic budget deal that cuts the cost-of-living increase from retired military, including the wounded and disabled. Even thought she did not author that language, she knew it was there and she should have stood up for the retired military, but she did not.

She has completely

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