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MILITARY: Veterans feel like second-class citizens

In a letter to the editor (11-10), a veteran’s wife told of lots of places that offer discounts to the “military,” yet only for active duty/active reserve.

Why are veterans exempted from these offers? A local restaurant on the “military discount” list refused to give me a discount because what I ordered was on “special.”

We gave up significant portions of our adult lives to do our duty to our country, yet we are not considered important enough to be included by these organizations that only honor “active” duty people.

This is kind of like a second slap in the

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VETERANS DAY: Find an observance to attend

Next week is Veterans Day and many local schools in the Puget Sound area will be holding programs in observance of the sacrifices made by veterans and active duty personnel. Many of these assemblies are open to the general public. In many cases, the students have worked hard to prepare for their observances.

If the program is open to the public, you may wish to attend. Please check the website of your local school or call its office to find out if your school is having an observance. There is no better thank you to our students for their

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