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VACCINES: Natural immunity or just natural stupidity?

Re: “‘Anti-vaxxers’ care deeply about health” (letter, 2-16).

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana).

I am bemused by the writer’s notion of “natural immunity.” Check with with the Aztecs, the Mayans or even right here in Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, at Neah Bay. The Makah tribe was nearly wiped out when the Spanish arrived with smallpox; the mass grave in the middle of town bears witness to the effectiveness of “natural immunity.”

On his medical mission trips, when my husband encounters a child with congestive heart failure, his question to the

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VACCINES: Our mothers wouldn’t have debated this

Silent on vaccines are those mothers, long ago passed from this Earth, who buried children or were burdened by the pain and suffering of raising children disabled by infectious diseases now prevented.

As a young child, my mother toted me around as she assisted numerous elderly women who had no families. My mom shared their tragic stories; so many had lost children and husbands to infectious diseases.

One of my earliest memories is listening at the dinner table with my mom and older siblings discussing a polio outbreak at some lake. It seems it was common knowledge not to swim in

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VACCINES: US must do its fair share to save children

Ebola has been in the news daily for weeks. This is a frightening illness, but much more devastating is the 20,000 children who die every day in Third World countries.

Right now we have vaccines that would dramatically reduce these numbers. Through GAVI, the vaccine alliance of which the United States is a member, we have an opportunity to help provide vaccinations to these children.

Ebola has no vaccine yet and is not preventable, but the U.S. can do its part by pledging $250 million per year for the next four years and save 6.6 million children annually from certain death. This is a

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VACCINES: GAVI is saving children’s lives

If we are not our brother’s keeper, who is? More than 17,000 children are dying each day because they lack access to vaccines.

GAVI, the global alliance for vaccines and immunization, is working very hard to ensure that the world’s poorest have access to vaccine to immunize children against the leading causes of child mortality.

If you do not step up and help in this effort, who will? We are not “passengers on planet Earth”; we are all part of the crew. Please stop and think for one minute about so many children dying and check out GAVI.org.  Maybe you’ll

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VACCINES: Funding will save lives, earn good will for U.S.

I was happy to see the article (TNT, 5-14) on retired South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s address to 15,000 people at the Tacoma Dome, urging us to “be the spark” in creating a better world. “It’s not that we have to be doing spectacular things,” he said.

We live in a global village, and as private citizens we can take proactive actions.
For instance, there are two new vaccines available now, one for pneumonia and one for diarrhea-causing rotavirus. Pneumonia and diarrhea are leading causes of death of young children in poor countries. Getting these two vaccines to 44

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VACCINE: Requirement for opting out is demeaning

Re: “It shouldn’t be too easy to opt out of vaccinations” (editorial, 3-25).

I am one of those parents who exempted my children from school-entry immunization requirements. That choice came from many hours and years of research; it was not made lightly.

I take offense that I am referred to as one of those parents who get their information from “questionable Internet sites and quacks” and that I am “too busy with other matters to bother scheduling an appointment.” That implies I am risking my children’s health by signing a “convenient” signature on a form.

Requiring me to get a

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