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MEASLES: Parents wrong to opt children out of vaccination

Re: “Measles outbreak shows threat of vaccine holdouts” (editorial, 5-31).

I contracted measles when I was 7 years old nearly 70 years ago. I was very sick for at least two weeks and in bed most of the time. A photograph was taken of me right after I had recovered somewhat; I looked like a person right out of a concentration camp, it was so bad.

I would not want to visit this disease on any child. So, when I hear about these parents opting out of getting their children vaccinated for various scurrilous reasons, I just shudder at their

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VACCINATION: Prosecute parents if unimmunized childen die

Re: “House amendment nullified impact of childhood vaccine bill” (Viewpoint, 4-8).

Rita Swan is right on. Failure to vaccinate is child neglect and should be prosecuted as such. If a nonvaccinated child dies of a vaccine-preventable disease, the parents should be charged with manslaughter, because that’s what it is.

I have watched kids die from most of these diseases. Anyone who has done that is likely to agree with these thoughts.