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UWT: University system needs a salary cap

Re: “New leader for UWT” (TNT, 4-21).

I was struck by what I consider the ridiculously high salary offered to Debra Friedman to be chancellor at the University of Washington Tacoma. As the state faces complete collapse of services to its citizens, the UW continues to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

In this economy a $10,000 reduction should be in order. People are struggling to make mortgage payments and putting food on the table. The state is cutting budgets in all areas. What group of mental midgets decided we should pay an unproven new hire $33,552 more than

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BUDGET: Arts fuel economies, communities

Clearly, easy budget cuts are history and we are looking at painful cuts to vital services at every level – federal, state and local. But before we dismiss cultural programs like public radio and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – what The News Tribune agrees are “nice-to-haves” (We agree, 3-3), let’s take a little closer look at two local examples of the ramifications of NEA support.

Small grants from the NEA Folk Arts Program led to the opening of the Commencement Bay Maritime Center in 1995. The once-deserted warehouse is now the highly successful Foss Waterway Seaport and

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KATIE BAIRD: Professor misses rise in state spending

It’s with great trepidation that I read commentary from Katie Baird, associate professor of economics at the University of Washington Tacoma. If this is the person teaching our youth, our state and country are in real trouble!

In this week’s commentary (TNT, 12-7) Prof. Baird indicates that we have a revenue problem. If she really dug into the truth, she would find we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

What she would find is that since Chris Gregoire took office as governor six years ago, spending has gone out of control and past poor decisions have finally caught

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TACOMA: Parking meters hurt students, too

As a student and a resident in Tacoma, I can understand the fuss of the newly implemented parking meters. For students, there was already a limited amount of parking spaces in downtown Tacoma that were free of charge, now with the limited spaces free, students are having to show up hours early to classes just to get a space. Classes run over two hours causing the students to leave class early to move their cars seeing as the meter is only good for two hours.

As for businesses thinking that this metered parking would increase their customers, they’re wrong. No

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UWT: Commencement was badly handled

I have been to many events at the Tacoma Dome since that facility opened. I can’t believe how terrible the University of Washington Tacoma commencement was handled Friday.

For 800 graduates, I walk in there and find that a third of the seating is being used. Why couldn’t the seating for commencement have been rearranged in the concert configuration that allows access to both sides of the bleachers?

I find it hard to believe that after charging $8 to park that they didn’t have enough funding to accommodate everyone.

Are budget cuts so bad in the City of Tacoma that

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