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WSU: Cooperation a better approach on proposed medical school

It is difficult to comprehend the problems created from your opinion of a possible WSU Medical School (TNT, 3-8). It has at least two major factual errors and several points of exaggeration. Permit me to address what may be major factual errors.

The $5.99 million is budgeted for student instruction at the River Point campus. The UW stipulated that Spokane is not large enough for two medical schools and threatened to leave if its monopoly position in the state is removed and WSU establishes a medical school there. My understanding of WSU’s position is, there is no conflict with two

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UW: Change needed in foundering sports programs

Columnist John McGrath’s show of support for University of Washington basketball coach Lorenzo Romar (TNT, 3-14), stating that he “deserves another chance” after 12 seasons takes rationalization to a new low.

To compare Romar’s achievements thus far to those of Coach John Wooden at UCLA is ludicrous. What about the other 99 percent of coaches who reached the same career point and did not succeed like Coach Wooden?

The UW sports programs are foundering, and this is a strategic point in which the athletic director needs to be a change agent or we settle for continued mediocrity.


TRANSPLANT: Gary McClellan was first double-lung transplant at UW

I read the amazing story of Ken Price (TNT, 7-5), who suffered from cystic fibrosis and, after undergoing a double- lung transplant, has run a marathon and done other amazing things.

Price is given credit for being the first person to have this surgery at the University of Washington, but my former roommate, Gary McClellan, was actually the first double-lung transplant recipient at UW. His surgery was performed on May 20, 1993. He even joked that he would miss the final episode of “Cheers.” His successful surgery was featured on all the local news stations, and I still have

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GONZAGA: Inland Empire features best team in US

Yes, indeed, Spokane is the home of Gonzaga University and the No. 1 basketball team in the land. After sparse, mostly Associated Press articles last week, I finally spotted a much-deserved sports-front headline Monday morning. But sadly, the coverage was mostly about the losing UW and WSU programs. What gives?

Combined, the UW and WSU student populations are 50,000 while GU is 5,000. An interesting David and Goliath, for sure, but there are many great things to write about the little school that could, including another trip to the NCAA Tournament (not the NIT) and this time a probable No.

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FOOTBALL: Why couldn’t Banner give back – at UW?

Re: “Big man, big heart” (TNT, 6-26).

I have been a Washington Husky fan since 1950. In my opinion, the very best thing local football star Zach Banner could have given back to the community would have been to commit to Husky football. It would have started a chain reaction of football stars.

It’s fine to commit to Southern Cal, but do we need all this media attention? I only write this because many of us are still sensitive to the great loss of Banner.



UW: Faculty generate revenue and jobs

I would like to elaborate on a few points state Sen. Mike Carrell made about professor salaries at the University of Washington (Viewpoint, 11-5).

The highly paid untenured professors he refers to are listed as “without tenure (WOT)” because they are specifically not paid from state funds and are responsible for generating their own funding, either from research grants they compete for and receive – mostly from federal granting agencies – or because they are physicians working at one of our medical centers and supported mostly from patient revenues.

The UW’s top 100 salaried faculty are paid mostly from

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UW: Amid cuts, there’s money for Murray

This year the University of Washington has increased tuition 20 percent. Out-of-state enrollment targets have been increased to 30 percent of total enrollment because out-of-state students pay three times the in state rate.

These actions show that the institution that should be dedicated to serving in-state students is balancing its budget by raising in-state student costs and limiting in-state student access.

In the meantime the UW has somehow been able to find $185,339 to contribute to Sen. Patty Murray. Heads should roll, and she should give it back.


SALARIES: Taxpayers don’t pay UW coach

Re: “State shows disgraceful priorities” (letter, 8-14).

The writer complained about the University of Washington’s Steve Sarkisian being Washington’s highest-paid state worker (TNT, 8-14). The taxpayers don’t pay Sarkisian’s salary. The football program pays his salary and supports most of the smaller sports at the UW that are not self-supporting.

If people don’t care for athletics in general at our state schools, that’s their prerogative, but let’s not get bent out of shape before our morning coffee without the facts.