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TACOMA: Utilities will hike rates if taxed more

Re: “Tacomans support utility tax for road repair” (TNT, 7-30).

The article on taxing utilities shows some very misleading survey questions. It almost appears that this 2 percent tax is free money.

Here are some facts. Tacoma Public Utilities’ rate model is “cost of service.” If its cost increases 2 percent, so will the rates.

More than half of Tacoma Public Utilities’ customers are outside the Tacoma city limits, and these folks don’t even get to vote on this measure. Is that even constitutional? Taxed but not represented. Seems we once fought a revolution over that.

My rates may

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PSE: Utility’s customer service nonexistent

I got a bill from Puget Sound Energy today. Not a big deal. Except I got a bill from PSE a week ago.

I figured today’s was a mistake, as it was for the same amount as last week’s bill. I went to the PSE website for some sort of customer service (there isn’t any) and found that no bills or billing information is available. It did provide the information that it is changing its billing system and for its convenience, it split our bills up. But because it is changing its system, no information was available.

The site did

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TACOMA: Garbage rates are effectively doubling

Re: “Council to weigh water, power rate hikes” (TNT, 1-30).

Tacoma is switching to every other week for garbage collection, yet the article tells us that “residential garbage rates will largely remain unchanged.”

The city is keeping the same rates but cutting the pick-up days in half. I currently pay $25.25 for a 20-gallon can to be emptied weekly. It will now be emptied every other week, basically doubling the price of garbage service.

I have the smallest can (20 gallons) because there are only two adults living in this household. I, like many others, may have to go

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TACOMA: Why aren’t garbage rates going down?

Re: “Utility rate hikes proposed” (TNT, 10-10).

The Tacoma City Council should be asking Tacoma Public Utilities director Gaines where in the rates increase proposal is the request by TPU to lower garbage rates?

Gaines proposes that garbage rates remain the same as now – $74 bimonthly through 2014 – but in the same article we are reminded that our garbage pickup goes from weekly to every two weeks beginning in March 2013.

Why has Gaines not recommended to council that garbage rates be cut in half to reflect the cut in half of garbage pickup? Will TPU be

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ENERGY: PSE overpriced, unprepared for outages

Over the last year, the price of natural gas has dropped 35 percent to $2.40 per unit on the open market. I didn’t see a 35 percent rate decrease filed by Puget Sound Energy, but it did file for another annual increase.

From its peak, natural gas has dropped dramatically, by 80 percent, over the last five years. How many rate decreases have we experienced during that same period? Should there be some correlation between the price of natural gas and utility rates?

Every year, PSE files for a 6 to 10 percent increase, knowing it will be reduced slightly

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