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HUNGER: Food assistance helps the US economy

Re: “Millions still struggle with hunger in US, USDA finds” (TNT, 9-4).

This article points out that more than one-third of households with children headed by single women struggle with food insecurity.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly “food stamps”) is the first line of defense against hunger in the U.S. But Congress is threatening to dramatically curtail it.

SNAP acts as a powerful economic stimulus. By providing resources that must be spent at local grocery stores and retail outlets, SNAP stimulates the farm-to-market connection and helps hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs in farming,

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FOOD: There’s a reason GMO crops are being banned

Re: “Let the market decide on bioengineered crops” (TNT, 5-29).

Genetically modified foods have been linked to gastrointestinal problems, neurological problems, arthritis and obesity. Most of the developed world has banned GMOs – the European Union, Russia and China, to name a few. Countries are destroying GMO crops and not accepting new crops.

Not in the U.S. The Department of Agriculture says they are fine. But can the USDA be trusted of does it have a conflict of interest? Michael Tayler, head of food safety at USDA, is a former Monsanto lawyer. Thirty members of Congress hold stock in

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FOOD: Industry, regulators should ensure meat safety

Re: “Study: Chicken, ground beef are riskiest meats” (thenewstribune.com, 4-23).

The Associated Press piece on “riskiest meats” brings up vital issues surrounding food production in the U.S., but overemphasizes “defensive eating.” This approach unfairly obligates consumers to personally ensure the safety of products that have already passed industry and government standards.

Individuals should always take precautions when handling raw meat, however, they should be able to have confidence in animal products approved and regulated by the FDA and USDA.

With the Centers for Disease Control estimating that one in six Americans contracts a foodborne illness annually, it’s imprudent to

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