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US: Still one nation, 150 years after Gettysburg

Nation. In Latin, natio, or “to be born.”

The United States of America is a nation, but our idea of this nation might have been very different if the Civil War had gone differently. When Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address 150 years ago this week, he did not know which side would win. If the South had won the war, today Lincoln’s speech would have marked a much darker day in history. Instead, despite the fact that both sides fought against each other, Americans consider the North and the South to be united as one nation.

Lincoln’s speech was a

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US: What kind of America do we want?

Re: “Where has Kate Smith’s America gone?” (letter, 2-16).

The writer’s attempt to misrepresent the quote by Jeremiah Wright, although aged and worn out, is a classic example of how the Republicans and other right-wing followers do business. Wright’s quote partnered up with illustrated examples of America’s wrongdoings.

As to the statement directed at a song sung by many, but Kate Smith in particular, does the writer think that God would bless an America that discriminates against his people? If we are all “God’s children,” a country that would attempt to lessen the lives of blacks, homosexuals or any

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