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UPLACE: 2015 U.S. Open will be a financial windfall

Re: “Study history to avoid a huge loss” (letter, 9-17).

The writer obviously does not understand the U.S. Open, coming to University Place in 2015. The U.S. Open is not an event put on by University Place or even Pierce County. It is put on by the United States Golf Association.

The USGA has the experience of having put on 113 successful opens all over the United States. Before we were considered for the 2015 U.S. Open, Pierce County presented the USGA with thousands of pages of planning documents for everything from transportation, housing, security, medical, car rental, player

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UPLACE: Study history to avoid a huge loss

The 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in University Place may profit from another major sporting event in another era: the 1923 Dempsey-Gibbons world’s championship prize fight in Shelby, Mont.

Shelby was a small town, approximately midway between Seattle and Minneapolis – somewhat similar to University Place between Seattle and Olympia. Shelby hoped to promote itself and boxing in the West; University Place hopes to promote itself and professional golf in the Northwest.

Both promoters, however, urgently needed an arena and more hotels, restaurants, utilities and transportation facilities to accommodate the crowds, competitors’ entourages and reporters. Few developers were willing to invest

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TACOMA: Utilities will hike rates if taxed more

Re: “Tacomans support utility tax for road repair” (TNT, 7-30).

The article on taxing utilities shows some very misleading survey questions. It almost appears that this 2 percent tax is free money.

Here are some facts. Tacoma Public Utilities’ rate model is “cost of service.” If its cost increases 2 percent, so will the rates.

More than half of Tacoma Public Utilities’ customers are outside the Tacoma city limits, and these folks don’t even get to vote on this measure. Is that even constitutional? Taxed but not represented. Seems we once fought a revolution over that.

My rates may

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COUNTY: Does anyone know what time it is?

Re: Pierce County Council member Connie Ladenburg’s proposal to move council meetings to a later start time of 5 p.m., allowing for more citizen participation (TNT, 3-26).

My former colleague on the University Place City Council, County Council member Stan Flemming, must be truly stressed about turning 60 at the end of this month. Always a clear thinker with an elephant’s memory, Flemming was quoted as saying that “we were lucky to get one person to show up” – referring to a 6 p.m. start time for University Place council meetings.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because our

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AMTRAK: 10 minutes gained, great views lost

Re: “Feds OK Amtrak rerouting; courts may be next” (TNT, 3-5).

Amtrak claims the change in rail configuration with the Point Defiance Bypass project would save 10 minutes. Maybe. But how is this “saving” accomplished?

The time is primarily gained by eliminating the line running adjacent to Puget Sound between Point Defiance and Nisqually. This includes spectacular views of the Narrows, the Olympics, University Place, Steilacoom and the Chambers Bay Golf Course.

How many train riders really care about a potential 10-minute saving? How many would rather enjoy the view and may factor that in when taking the train?

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UPLACE: Disheartening that theater is closing

It is with great sadness that Narrows Galaxy theater in University Place will be closing on Thursday. I saw my last movie and ate my last popcorn there Monday night.

I will truly miss this hometown theater. The people who will be unemployed as a result of the closure are the nicest people around, and it is a great loss to us all. They will all will be missed. I thank them for all the memories and great movies.

It is so disheartening to see small businesses fail. In a way we all lose. I’m grateful to Galaxy for supporting

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UNIONS: High labor costs are hurting service

Re: “Public unions have a choice: Save pay – or jobs” (editorial, 12-17).

The editorial on unsustainable wages and benefits for public safety employees is even more relevant when you examine recent articles.

First, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is getting a new plane and boat, courtesy of a federal grant.
Second, Monday was the start of South Sound 911.

In both cases, high labor costs have prevented fire and police departments from buying equipment with existing funds as should have been done. If anyone disputes the high labor cost, read about the new University Place police chief,

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UPLACE: Time to formally investigate Town Center

After a decade of work and spending at least $50 million of taxpayer money, the University Place Town Center project demands to be formally investigated.

This very risky commercial project funded by amateur politicians, who had access to local, state, federal and special district money, is one of the best examples of public waste in the nation.

The most recent example of public malfeasance is the simple lease deal negotiated with a coffeehouse, the sole paying tenant occupying Town Center. In this case, the coffeehouse lease is suspect since it is so cheap and the real estate brokerage commissions nearly

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