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UPLACE: Voters shouldn’t pass misleading tax

Re: “Police force staffing tied to vote on utility taxes” (TNT, 10-13).

This is just another reason to justify my no vote on almost all funding issues. Hidden taxes are disingenuous, tacky and should be against the law.

Elected officials should be straightforward, honest and open. One should not have to sift through all sorts of regulations and laws to find “hidden” fees that are unrelated to the original funding intent, such as sewer fees to build a golf course, utility taxes to fund police, etc.

There are laws against deceptive advertising, I believe. Do they not wonder why the polls

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CHAMBERS BAY: Proposal doesn’t support original plan

Re: “Developer unveils drawings for Chambers Bay resort” (TNT, 9-24).

This proposal does not agree with the original plan presented to the community regarding development of Chambers Bay. The presented plan envisioned buildings that blended into or rose out of the environment naturally. The restaurant, lodging and pro-shop were located over the brow of the hill, allowing all to enjoy the fantastic view.

A commitment was also made at that time to the citizens that the land would remain our property with good public access. This commitment supports the predominant feature of our area – a place to gather,

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UPLACE: US Open trip wastes taxpayer money

Re: “Officials take last, costly chance to see US Open” (TNT, 6-8).

I am appalled that the City of University Place has sent seven public officials to North Carolina to learn, firsthand, what the US Open looks like up close and personal. I guess these politicians believe the University Place citizenry is naive.

It cost just under $20,000 to the City of University Place so our elected officials can schmooze with their buddies while socializing at the Pinehurst Resort. It’s not like University Place is incredibly solvent due to the 10-year fiasco known as the Town Center and the

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UPLACE: Grassi’s comment self-serving

Re: “New Grassi’s sets sights on April opening dates” (TNT, 3-26).

I find Ken Grassi’s comment that “the community is starving,” in reference to the lack of restaurants in University Place, to be rather self-serving. He was one of the City Council members who threw out Mama Stortini’s to make room for the disaster now known as the Town Center.


MARIJUANA: Heed voters and implement I-502

What is with these small-time, penny-ante politicians deciding they know what’s best for their constituents? Initiative 502 was successfully voted into state law well over a year ago, and here we sit while they drag their feet and quake with fear over federal intervention.

The city councils of Puyallup, Sumner, Lakewood and University Place have no business arbitrarily deciding what’s best for me. They are not my mother; in fact, my 76-year-old mother voted yes on I-502 and is completely in favor of full legal access for responsible adults.

If they are concerned that military personnel do not have sufficient

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TAXES: Home costs are out of control here

My wife and I retired 10 years ago and moved to Florida. We bought a nice house with a pool, and life was good. Then early last year we decided to move back to the Tacoma area – too many missed birthdays and holidays with our daughters and grandkids.

We have been looking at condos in Lakewood and University Place. We really liked one in UP until we saw the property taxes and homeowners association fees – just shy of $9,000 a year. Add on insurance and utilities and you are talking about $1,200 a month just for the privilege

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UPLACE: Schools are our best investment

As 58-year citizens of University Place and graduates of Curtis High School 40 years ago, my wife and I are strong supporters of our public schools. Not only are we graduates of University Place public schools, both of our children are as well and some of our grandchildren are already attending.

Obviously, we are well-vested in the need for public education, but we have found that many of our neighbors without school-aged children are strong supporters as well.

We strongly believe public schools are the best investment for the future of our community, city and society as a whole. Better-educated

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UPLACE: Flat car tab fee unfair to less wealthy

Re: “UP ready to pull trigger on $20 car tab fee” (TNT, 11-29).

A million dollars a year is available to maintain roads in a city of 30,000, and we cannot figure out how to get it done? If the same effort was spent on solutions as was spent of how to raise more revenue, just maybe we would get logical answers.

Oh, and if revenue issues and open discussions were done before elections rather than just after elections, maybe election results would be different, too.

A $20 flat tab fee? How unfair is that? Not all of us

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