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UPLACE: Let’s rename city Chambers Bay

Re: “University Place is grown up, so change name and act like it” (The Nose, 5-8).

The Nose has it right. Just do it. Renaming the city of University Place is an idea worth considering.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to attract much-needed business development by making Chambers Bay the city’s official name? And reserve the name of University Place School District to keep alive the story of how a city began.


US OPEN: Move quickly to reopen amenities

Hosting the U.S. Open is a great honor for our region.

Although the temporary closure of the off-leash park, trails and beach is inconvenient, Pierce County officials need to follow through on their commitment to reopen these public amenities ASAP after the tournament is over.

(Klosowski is a former University Place City Council member.)


US OPEN: Restrictions are all about money

Re: “Plan would ban boats near Open” (TNT, 4-8).

Every time I read of another restriction placed on the taxpaying citizens of University Place, I have to wonder who is pulling the strings of the City Council.

From the removal of the dog park and the ban on parking on private property to no food trucks or vendors and now a 1,000-yard restriction on the water, it would seem that unless the U.S. Open organization makes money from it, all activities are being banned.

To my way of thinking, this last ploy was meant on ensuring that no one could watch anything without paying,

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OIL: There are too many unanswered questions

The concern about safer oil tanker trains and inspection costs are a few of many concerns which must be addressed before we have more oil tankers rolling through our neighborhoods and cities.

Who will inspect the bridges for safety? Railroads don’t have to permit any inspections on bridges or tracks. What protection will people have if there is an accident and spill or explosion?

In the 2013 Quebec explosion, which killed 47 people, damages ran to almost $2 billion. The railroad company had $25 million in insurance and declared bankruptcy.

In the recent West Virginia explosion and fire, people living

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UPLACE: City playing shell game

The University Place City Council seems to be playing a shell game with its citizens.

The Council asked for voter approval of a utility tax increase to fund police services while planning to “shift” current police funds to the parks if the measure passed. Since the utility tax was not approved by the voters, the Council is considering a junior taxing district to fund parks.

Sounds like a shifty Council to me.


UPLACE: PTA likely won’t get restitution

Re: “Ex-treasurer of UP PTA charged with felonies” (TNT, 10-28).

Some years back, I became treasurer to a Lakewood elementary school PTA that had $20,000 stolen by its previous treasurer. That individual was prosecuted and sent to prison for 18 months. This was not that individual’s first offense for theft of this nature.

The other part of the sentencing required restitution of the stolen funds. In all, only $60 was repaid. Then the Department of Corrections turned the account over to a collection agency. That is all that is required in administering the court’s sentencing.

No further legal action can be

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UPLACE: Common-sense solution to parking problem

There is a fair, common-sense solution to the parking problems revealed by the recent University Place Council’s plans for the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay.

Streets and highways are (and should be) constructed and maintained with public gas tax revenues to expedite safe vehicular travel only, certainly not for private parking (of cars, boats, RVs or trailers – at any time, day or night). Our gas tax money is solely for public roads – not for private parking in residential, commercial or industrial neighborhoods.

Business and residential owners should provide off-street parking for themselves, their friends and customers on

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UPLACE: Tax increase for police isn’t needed

Re: “Voters should support public safety ballot measures” (editorial, 10-17).

Unfortunately, the editorial failed to tell the whole story about the proposed University Place police tax increase. For example, it never addresses whether or not increased police services are warranted. Numbers supplied by the city police argue against the need for additional officers since crime has actually been decreasing in the city since 2005 (1,372 crimes in 2005 compared to 882 crimes in 2013).

The article did note that the city police department’s “mission is to respond to every call, even ones many other departments don’t bother with.” Responding to a barking

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