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FIREWORKS: City makes it easy to set fires

A huge rant to the City of University Place for allowing fireworks of any kind within the city limits. Not only are they allowed but actually encouraged since various organizations have stands throughout the city.

Many other cities across Washington have recognized tinder-dry conditions and banned the sale of fireworks. Granted, people can always go to tribal reservations and purchase illegal fireworks, but why make it easy to get any at all? Even a tiny sparkler can cause a fire that has the capability of ruining lives.

This year, with the horribly dry conditions, the fireworks are better left to

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FIREWORKS: Why are they allowed at all in UPlace?

Re: “It’s too dry to allow (fireworks) this year” (letter, 6-27).

After reading this letter about the ban on burning in Pierce County, I wonder why University Place allow fireworks at all. Neighboring cities - Tacoma, Fircrest and Steilacoom – do not allow them.

We sit in our patio on the Fourth with our garden hoses, waiting for a spark to come. One tree and we are all living in the Curtis gym.

Seattle has already had a few fireworks fires to date. Help, folks


US OPEN: Tacoma fails to grab the brass ring

While covering business news for The News Tribune during the heady 1980s, I often wrote of boasts by Tacoma’s political and business “leadership” that great things were ahead for the City of Destiny thanks to the opening of the Tacoma Dome in 1983.

Tacoma finally had grasped the brass ring, they declared. The bland 1960s and ’70s were history, went the puffery. New businesses, jobs, pride and national stature would soon be visited on Tacoma.

Some good things did happen: the University of Washington Tacoma, federal grants for restoration of several historic buildings downtown, new museums and freeway access. But the

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ROADS: Want upgrades? Sponsor a golf tournament

Has anyone else in Tacoma noticed the sudden repaving and repairing of roads in the past month? Many of the main thoroughfares have had very nice jobs done on them. How about University Place? Whole sections of Bridgeport Way have been repaved.

I thought the City of Tacoma kept telling us over and over that they didn’t have the money to cover major road repair costs. Funny thing is, I have noticed that all this road repair and repaving frenzy came just before the U.S. Open started. I smell something fishy here.

In order to put on a good face for

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UPLACE: Let’s rename city Chambers Bay

Re: “University Place is grown up, so change name and act like it” (The Nose, 5-8).

The Nose has it right. Just do it. Renaming the city of University Place is an idea worth considering.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to attract much-needed business development by making Chambers Bay the city’s official name? And reserve the name of University Place School District to keep alive the story of how a city began.


US OPEN: Move quickly to reopen amenities

Hosting the U.S. Open is a great honor for our region.

Although the temporary closure of the off-leash park, trails and beach is inconvenient, Pierce County officials need to follow through on their commitment to reopen these public amenities ASAP after the tournament is over.

(Klosowski is a former University Place City Council member.)


US OPEN: Restrictions are all about money

Re: “Plan would ban boats near Open” (TNT, 4-8).

Every time I read of another restriction placed on the taxpaying citizens of University Place, I have to wonder who is pulling the strings of the City Council.

From the removal of the dog park and the ban on parking on private property to no food trucks or vendors and now a 1,000-yard restriction on the water, it would seem that unless the U.S. Open organization makes money from it, all activities are being banned.

To my way of thinking, this last ploy was meant on ensuring that no one could watch anything without paying,

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OIL: There are too many unanswered questions

The concern about safer oil tanker trains and inspection costs are a few of many concerns which must be addressed before we have more oil tankers rolling through our neighborhoods and cities.

Who will inspect the bridges for safety? Railroads don’t have to permit any inspections on bridges or tracks. What protection will people have if there is an accident and spill or explosion?

In the 2013 Quebec explosion, which killed 47 people, damages ran to almost $2 billion. The railroad company had $25 million in insurance and declared bankruptcy.

In the recent West Virginia explosion and fire, people living

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