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UW: Time to separate football, higher education?

Re: “Salaries of UW assistants top $3 million” (TNT, 1-14).

University of Washington football coaches are hired at exorbitant salaries to teach young men a sport with sometimes serious medical consequences, especially in later life. Now consideration is given to a “stipend” for players beyond “scholarship”: Pay the players to risk injuries that can afflict them for life.

Perhaps the time has come for the football program to separate from tax-supported higher education, especially since the old argument is that the football program pays for itself.

With extravagant salaries and “stipends,” college football has become the minor league for

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TRANSPLANT: Gary McClellan was first double-lung transplant at UW

I read the amazing story of Ken Price (TNT, 7-5), who suffered from cystic fibrosis and, after undergoing a double- lung transplant, has run a marathon and done other amazing things.

Price is given credit for being the first person to have this surgery at the University of Washington, but my former roommate, Gary McClellan, was actually the first double-lung transplant recipient at UW. His surgery was performed on May 20, 1993. He even joked that he would miss the final episode of “Cheers.” His successful surgery was featured on all the local news stations, and I still have

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EDUCATION: Cut university coaches’ salaries

The idea that the state government threatens to decrease the budget for basic education and levy equalization in our state for K-12 students while the University of Washington pays football coaches $400,000 to $1.9 million per season is deplorable.

I tallied the five highest paid coaches in Washington state and, if their salaries were dropped to $400,000 per year, the savings would be over $3 million. The university’s president makes $550,000, so why should one coach make almost four times that of the boss?

Professional athletes make large salaries due to their short career lifespan, but coaches are capable of

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UWT: University system needs a salary cap

Re: “New leader for UWT” (TNT, 4-21).

I was struck by what I consider the ridiculously high salary offered to Debra Friedman to be chancellor at the University of Washington Tacoma. As the state faces complete collapse of services to its citizens, the UW continues to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

In this economy a $10,000 reduction should be in order. People are struggling to make mortgage payments and putting food on the table. The state is cutting budgets in all areas. What group of mental midgets decided we should pay an unproven new hire $33,552 more than

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