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US: We’re not a democracy

In Wednesday’s editorial (TNT, 11-20), you begin with a common misconception, writing: “The United States is a democracy.”

The truth is that we are constitutionally created as a democratic republic. There is a big difference between those two and, unfortunately, too many people are forgetting the differences. Please get it right, so more people can get it right in the future.


US: Where has Kate Smith’s America gone?

Few Americans under the age of 50 have ever even heard of Kate Smith, but at a time in our not-too distant past when she sang “God Bless America,” almost everyone in our great country became misty-eyed and felt a genuine wave of love for who we were and what we stood for as a nation and as a people.

Unfortunately she is gone, and so is the national sense of American pride she sang about that once united us. Now it is almost deemed as shameful jingoism to express love of country, and our once-united nation is becoming more

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