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IRAQ: Here’s what the US should and shouldn’t do

We should not go back into a military engagement with Iraq. Here’s what we should and should not do:

• Do no harm, especially no bombs and drones.

• Pressure all players to stop supplying weapons and funds for weapons.

• Seek a political solution to the conflict using the United Nations.

• Work for a massive humanitarian aid program through the United Nations.


GOP: Obstinance costing U.S. its credibility

On Tuesday, the Senate fell short of the two-thirds vote required to ratify a United Nations treaty, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. All the votes against were Republican.

The treaty requires no change to U.S. law, and is patterned after the standards in the Americans With Disabilities Act. It would be a non-binding international standard.

I cannot understand the current thinking of the far right senators who voted against this treaty signed by President Bush. Does this signal a growing isolationism, a disregard of the status of people with disabilities, or what? Was this just another

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RELIGION: Who decides what’s blasphemous?

In a Sept. 21 PRI (Public Radio International) article, Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik reportedly wants the United Nations “to develop international legislation to stop the circulation on material deemed blasphemous.”

Who is going to determine what material is blasphemous or not? A Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist?

In the Old Testament of the Bible, in Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is called, “Mighty God”; and, in the New Testament of the Bible, in John 10: 30-33 Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.” This was considered blasphemous talk by the Jews who heard Him say it because he

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UNESCO: U.S. action hurts us abroad

After UNESCO voted membership for Palestine (TNT, 10-31), the U.S. announced that it would withdraw funds for the organization based on a law passed by Congress years ago that bars funding for any United Nations organization that recognizes Palestine.

Whatever one’s opinion or sympathy, this will be seen on screens from Casablanca to Jakarta as another example of America bullying the world. We wonder why we are not popular even as we need friends.

The U.S. and Israel insist on “negotiations,” yet much of the world knows that negotiations have been going on for 19 years with Israel gaining

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U.N.: Recognition for Libya but not Palestine?

The United Nations granted Libya’s transitional government a seat at the U.N. (TNT, 9-16). Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, welcomed Libya and, almost in the same breath, announced that the U.S. will work against granting the same status to Palestinians, saying that negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians must resume.

Pressed by a reporter who noted that Palestinians have been negotiating for some 20 years while seeing more and more of their land occupied, their homes and fields destroyed, she explained that “independence for Palestine must be sought between Jerusalem and Ramallah, not in New York.”


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