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SCOTLAND: Marriage might not be worth saving

Re: “Scots: Marriage counseling, please, not divorce” (editorial, 9-17).

The problem with making judgments about anyone else’s marriage is that outsiders rarely understand the internal dynamics. Scotland and England’s union is a case in point.

England has always been the bigger, bullying partner in this marriage. In recent decades, against Scotland’s will, the Westminster government has prosecuted an aggressive war in Iraq; determined to retain the United Kingdom’s nuclear arsenal; and imposed neoconservative fiscal policies that have undermined investment in jobs, health care, education and infrastructure.

All of this runs counter to Scotland’s political culture, which is much more

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THATCHER: Leader was archenemy of ‘prosperity’

The front-page story on Margaret Thatcher (TNT, 4-10) reports that she “left behind a leaner government and a more prosperous nation.”

But lean government meant drastically cutting back public services and social benefits. This contributed to lowering the median wage in the United Kingdom to a level not seen since the Great Depression.

By the end of Thatcher’s term, the poverty rate was higher than it had been at any time in the last 70 years. She decimated UK industry and bloated the financial sector, making the country’s least productive individuals richer than they had ever been.

She did

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