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PORT: Writer implies union-busting is good

Re: “Demand action at the federal level” (letter, 12-20).

The writer demands the feds step in between the longshoremen and the Pacific Maritime Association.

This is not a Washington issue but a West Coast issue. Washington is not in serious danger of losing out to the Gulf or East Coast ports. The logistics aren’t plausible, and our produce industry is not in danger of losing out to anyone.

The firing of air traffic controllers by President Reagan was a union-busting scheme that gave states the go-ahead to break unions, deny a decent living wage, and institute right-to-work laws that keep

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UNIONS: System reflects a conflict of interest

There seems to be an interesting connection between some of our scandals and problems, including problems with our educational system: unions.

The question that needs to be asked is, “Should an organization that represents government employees be allowed to take money collected for dues and then give hundreds of millions of dollars of those dollars to the elected officials, who are their bosses?”

The unions write the employee rules that can present an inherent conflict of interest. This system sometimes seems to protect government union employees by putting them above the law. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to resolve

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NCAA: Unionizing takes focus off the future

Unionizing players in NCAA athletics is one more step to take education out of collegiate athletics.

The reason student-athletes go to college is to be student-athletes. The purpose of college is an education, to build a knowledge basis for a career to support the student for the rest of their lives.

These particular students already have their educations fully paid for, an opportunity many have to fight tooth and nail to get. The careers a higher education can offer a pathway to have a much higher chance of supporting the students for their entire lives.

Student-athletes should focus on their

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TACOMA: City wrongly embroiled in union battle

Re: The sale of two lots to the Murano Hotel (TNT, 3-30).

Hopefully something positive will come out of the unfortunate mess that the City of Tacoma became embroiled in when a past City Council, without thinking wisely, became involved in a union battle connected to negotiations between the Hotel Murano and Hollander Investments.

Hotel developer issues and issues concerning the unions should not be the obligation of the City Council to solve.  Business negotiations should be between the parties involved – in this case it was between Hollander Investments and Hotel Murano – and then resolved if necessary

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LABOR: Seeking just wage isn’t an ‘adaptive strategy’

Re: “Small votes show direction of organized labor” (Richard S. Davis column, 2-19).

No language, including the language of labor rights, is neutral. The relationship between language and power is real and it is clear whose side Davis is on. In his column, he needlessly rushes to the aid of union busters by cloaking his anti-workers’ rights screed in a language so platitudinized it hardly carries any meaning.

His piece is peppered with clinical abstractions to explain away the exploitative practices of the corporate class and their outrageous fortunes. To Davis, Boeing’s latest round of extortion against its machinists

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TACOMA: Unions, politicians have cozy relationship

If you haven’t heard the term “Labor-Electoral Complex” yet, you have certainly heard of all of the local governments across the United States that have filed for bankruptcy as a result. Simply put, it is the cozy relationship between public unions and local politicians coined by New York City’s departing mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Is Tacoma next?

Public unions endorse and fund campaigns of politicians who, in turn, reward those public unions with higher pay and pension benefits. Tacoma can’t afford to fix its roads and fund other key infrastructures in order to lure new business if a large share of

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UNIONS: Members are not being coerced

Re: “Union workers coerced into political positions” (Viewpoint, 12-5).

The writer makes it sound as if union members have no say as to how their dues money is spent. Nothing could be further from the truth. At every turn, union members are asked to approve any and all expenditures by a vote of the membership. As with any organization, members agree to abide by the wishes of the majority. This is democracy.

One may disagree with the majority but that does not constitute coercion.

Union representatives cannot and do not unilaterally fund the campaigns of political candidates without the

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BOEING: Union mentality reminiscent of Detroit

It appears that the union thinking of Detroit’s auto workers of the past has been duplicated in our fair state, as exhibited by the recent rejection of Boeing’s contract offer.

The failure of those auto workers then to face economic reality resulted in the collapse of an industry that few people had envisioned and which required the U.S. government (actually, the U.S. taxpayers) to rescue. Is that what the union members at Boeing want for Washington?

Some of these workers claim that they voted for the rejection to “protect our children and grandchildren who may wish to be employed by

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