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TEACHERS: Unions just doing what they’re paid to do

The teachers are only asking for what all of us want: bigger paychecks, less work, and the bonus that they cannot be evaluated for continued employment or advancement based on their job performance. Everybody, maybe excepting a few billionaires, thinks they are overworked and underpaid.

Don’t blame the unions, as they are only trying to do what they were formed to do: all of the above. Of course, they have a healthy slush fund of members’ dues. which they dutifully use to to feed treats to their lapdogs in the Legislature. Again, this is what they are paid to do.

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PATRIOT ACT: Don’t submit to fear

Our world may be dangerous, but we Americans are submitting to this fear. I point out the Fourth Amendment freedoms that were withdrawn with the passage of the Patriot Act as an example.

We now know, because of Edward Snowden, that the government has been collecting meta-data phone records since the passage of the act in 2003 without our authorization, and some of us are cool with that.

The whistleblower is still in Russia. He did the right thing, and our officials blame him. Fortunately, there is the prospect that this egregious part of the Patriot Act will end because

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POLICE: Shooting doesn’t reinforce stereotype

I’m retired, but have been a police officer with three different police agencies. The notion that the recent shooting of a black man by a white police officer in South Carolina somehow reinforces the notion that it goes on all the time based on racism is beyond dumb.

News flash! Police come in all races and both genders. Some police are felons who simply haven’t been caught yet, as are some of every other vocation. It’s a civil service job that once you pass the tests and get some training, you’re on the street.

Society needs police, but doesn’t need bad ones no matter

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TRADE: What Marx might say about TPP

Karl Marx said that the emergence of the dictatorship of the proletariat would cause the state to wither away. I’ve often wondered whether he was being funny, ironic or delusional. I think now he was being ironic.

The forces of labor never coalesced into a united international front and the state never withered, not at least until recently. And this is the great irony – that it is not workers with their tyrannical unions that are causing the state to wither, but corporate investors through the auspices of fast-tracked trade deals such as NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the never-ending push

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LABOR: Right-to-work is a step backward

Re: ”Right-to-work has benefits for many” (letter, 3-14).

Having union contractual agreements between employers and employees, including negotiated wages, without having to pay union dues is like the uninsured motorist who claims all the rights and privileges of driving without the financial obligation of auto insurance. When he has an accident, everyone else gets to pay except him.

Legislation that brought everyone more safety in the workplace, child labor laws, the 40-hour work week, industrial insurance and more resulted from union activity that included the expense of union membership dues, spilled blood and loss of life.

As the letter writer stated,

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UNIONS: Right-to-work benefits many

Right-to-work laws are becoming more popular all across the U.S. Twenty-four states have adopted these laws – for good reasons.

Every business and worker wants faster economic growth. All data indicate inordinate growth in states with “right-to-work” laws – 9.6 percent increase in employment (3 percent above the national average). The economy of right-to-work states grew ten percent more than non-right-to-work states between 2003 and 2013, and in every ten-year period since 1960 – mostly by giving employees the simple right to choose whether or not to join a union. Migration toward right-to-work states from non-right-to-work states is statistically demonstrable;

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UNIONS: Workers beware of powerless freedom

Re: “Suit targets state employee union”  (TNT, 3-6).

So the Freedom Foundation, out of deep compassion for the well-being of “four family child care providers who object to being required to pay union fees and otherwise associate with the union,” is suing the union and Washington state over “the union’s role as the exclusive representative for thousands of subsidized day care providers.”

Be careful of the motives of professed friends of workers and guardians of freedom when their agenda is nothing short of breaking the power of unions. That power is needed to negotiate fair wages and benefits with well-organized

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OBAMA: President isn’t given enough blame/credit

Re: “Policies haven’t helped the middle class” (letter, 2-9).

There is so much wrong with what the writer penned it’s hard to know where to start.

Working part time and low wages are cost cutting for profits caused by big business and not President Obama.

Ten million new jobs created in six years? Thank you, Obama. We’re out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Thank you Obama. The Congressional Budget Office estimates Obamacare will save 20 percent more than originally estimated. Thank you, Obama.

Public sector jobs as well as private sector jobs under unions are what has built the middle class

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