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BOEING: Union official overstepping authority

It is not up to Machinists union official Tom Wroblewski to decide whether or not the latest Boeing offer should be put up to the members for a vote. His job is to represent the members at the bargaining table and pass on the information on to the members, not make the decision for the members.

Having been a shop steward for a union, I’ve seen how manipulative local union representatives can be. Their job is to present the offer to the members, period. If they want to suggest or advise on how they should vote, that’s up to them,

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UNION: Worker solidarity should be applauded

Re: “Grocers, unions reach deal” (TNT, 10-22).

I was struck by one person’s comment: “Grocery workers are striking about something a lot of other people are facing.”

Is she suggesting that the United Food and Commercial Workers and its members should just accept unfair cuts to their wages and benefits because other non-union employers are slashing wages and benefits? When workers have the courage to stand up to corporations and stand together for fair compensation, they are to be applauded.

As a health care union member, I am proud of the thousands of workers who stood up for their

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ELECTION: Don’t believe anti-union propaganda

Re: Pierce Transit Proposition 1.

Pierce Transit employees do not have “Cadillac insurance.” We have two choices: Group Health and Regence. We have a deductible, co-pays and a monthly premium, just like any other Pierce County resident who has a job that provides health insurance.

The only difference is we have a “high experience rating.” When Pierce Transit goes out yearly to get medical insurance, it is faced with the fact that the employees at Pierce Transit have a high usage of the medical insurance, therefore the rates offered are very high from the insurance brokers.

You cannot believe the

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TACOMA: Union bosses waste members’ dues

Friday marked the one-year anniversary for the downtown Tacoma City Grocer IGA. To celebrate, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 367 sent many extra professional thugs to clog the sidewalk in front of the store and harass customers. The police had to be called to protect innocent customers.

My estimate is that the union has now spent more than $100,000 paying Labor Ready picketers to walk up and down and make our city look junky. The good news is that the store is now very busy. The workers enjoy their jobs and their happy customers. We customers enjoy the

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TACOMA: Store does not exist as far as union members are concerned

Re: “Grocer stalemate: No one has answers” (TNT, 8-5).

I work in the downtown area, along with about 1,500 fellow union workers. The IGA store does not exist as far as we are concerned. We drive right past it and really don’t care if it survives or not. We really don’t care.

We work around the clock and would be in there every day and night. The rewards of going union are great. But the store excluded us, and that’s was not very friendly towards its customer base.

The waterfront is loaded with empty businesses that ignored us. We

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TACOMA: Give non-union grocery support

We finally get a grocer to take a risk in downtown Tacoma, and the party is being ruined by some nonsensical union representatives. Or are they? Seems that some picketers in front of the IGA Store on Pacific Avenue are/were being paid as temps and weren’t even members of the UFCW 367. How goofy is that?

Here is a direct quote from the UFCW 367 website and the fliers they hand out: “When people shop at non-union stores, they are enabling those employers to lower the standard of living for everyone.” And, “When you shop at non-union stores, you are

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UNION: Supporters were given short shrift

Re: “Locals voice views of Wisconsin plan” (TNT, 2-27).

Your report on the rally Friday by unions and their supporters in solidarity with Wisconsin workers was rather odd. The union rally consisted of, according to the State Patrol, 2,500 persons and was addressed by unonists, small business leaders, church leaders and members of the Legislature,including some from our areas.

It seems to me that this was the story. Yet the article led with a report on a counter-demonstration of Tea Party folks that numbered about 500. They got the gist of the coverage, while the larger rally was given short

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UNION: ‘Complainers’ paved the way for safe, humane jobs

Re: “Complainers should face reality” (letter, 2-11).

Those union “complainers” at Tacoma General Hospital are just like the union complainers who griped about the 14-hour work day and the 10-year-old kids working in the factories and mines. They probably are the same kind of union members who complained when workers were routinely killed on the job because there were no safety laws. Not only were they complainers but lazy as well because they “demanded” the weekend and holidays off.

I shall side with the “complainers” who have done so much in the past to establish the safe well-paid jobs many

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