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BENEFITS: Borrowing more isn’t fiscally responsible

Re: “Where’s Democrats’ outrage over benefits?” (Eugene Robinson column, 1-14).

I don’t have a problem with extending unemployment benefits to those who need it, but they still have to be paid for.

Robinson’s attitude is that it’s “just $25 billion, little more than a rounding error in a trillion-dollar federal budget. It would be sound economic policy for the government to finance that extension through borrowing.” That is what is hurting our economy and preventing growth.

The federal government has more than enough baloney spending already built into the budget, that $25 billion could be cut elsewhere to fund

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BENEFITS: Compromise is always possible

Real compromise involves both sides giving something up. It is possible between conservatives and liberals in the House.

In exchange for extending unemployment benefits, which liberals want, conservatives – who believe that those benefits only exacerbate unemployment – would consider trade-offs for other policies to bolster employment.

For example, conservatives favor cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, whose policies they believe have hurt economic recovery. We could start by cuts to the billions that go to other counties to deal with global warming – $7.45 billion over three years, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

We could cut funds

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JOBS: Patty Murray’s empathy is misplaced

It was thoughtful of Sen. Patty Murray (Viewpoint, 7-19) to address and show concern for the 6,700 civilian employees of Joint Base Lewis-McChord who will be required to take one day per week without pay for 11 weeks due to the effects of the sequestration.

Murray cites the fact that they have mortgages, medical bills and families to feed and will be hard-pressed to endure the hardship of a 20 percent pay cut.

That’s all well and good, but I find it rather disturbing that she has yet to empathize with the more than 237,000 unemployed in her home

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ECONOMY: Republicans only want to help the rich

Congratulations to Democrats and two courageous Republicans for supporting the middle class in approving an extension of unemployment benefits. Shame on Republicans for their holier-than-thou attitude toward us.

A majority of Americans wanted that bill approved. It seems incredible that a party that had no qualms about deficit spending has suddenly seen the light. Republicans demanded a cut elsewhere to offset the overexpenditure but were willing to compromise if Democrats also approved the extension of tax breaks for the very wealthy – a cool $700 billion. Nowhere was there added revenue or a cut elsewhere to offset that overexpenditure.


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UNEMPLOYMENT: Democrats are blocking benefits

Remy Trupin’s column (TNT, 6-16) is correct in that the House has taken action to extend emergency unemployment benefits currently being paid to, among others, 325,000 people in Washington. He writes that the Senate should take action soon, but what he doesn’t say is that the legislation is being held up, not by Republicans as one might think, but by a small group of Democrats – limousine liberals that include John Kerry and our very own Maria Cantwell.

What they want is removal of language that would close a tax loophole for hedge fund managers and help provide the funds

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