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US OPEN: Complaints are way off base

As someone who has attended several professional golf tournaments both inside the ropes as a caddie (Tam O’Shanter Niles, Illinois, 1951-1958) and as a fan (Oakland Hills U.S. Open, Ryder Cup and others), I would like to respond to the golfer and fan complaints about Chamber Bay.

To the whining golfers: The conditions, good or bad, are the same for everyone so get over it.

To the whining fans: You gotta be kidding.

Chamber Bay”s elevations and lack of trees make it a natural amphitheater for watching a golf tournament. My son and I had a wonderful Father’s Day at the

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US OPEN: Tacoma fails to grab the brass ring

While covering business news for The News Tribune during the heady 1980s, I often wrote of boasts by Tacoma’s political and business “leadership” that great things were ahead for the City of Destiny thanks to the opening of the Tacoma Dome in 1983.

Tacoma finally had grasped the brass ring, they declared. The bland 1960s and ’70s were history, went the puffery. New businesses, jobs, pride and national stature would soon be visited on Tacoma.

Some good things did happen: the University of Washington Tacoma, federal grants for restoration of several historic buildings downtown, new museums and freeway access. But the

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US OPEN: Boats wrongly kept far offshore

A strange thing happened to me and my son while boating in the Chambers Bay Golf Course area Monday.

While more than 500 yards from shore, a the Tacoma Police boat came racing towards us in a attack mode. I waved at him to give way. He come around from the rear instead of cutting us off.

The first thing from the mouth of the police officer was if we didn’t move out to 1,000 yards offshore, we could be subject to thousands of dollars in fines.

Here in the boat capital of the world, golf is now more important? Don’t tread on

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US OPEN: There are great golfers among us

At Meadow Park Golf Course late Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t see any press, but what I did see were two PGA golfers giving their time to Special Olympians attending a golf clinic.

Rather than practicing or heading home to friends and family, Webb Simpson and Russell Henley found themselves surrounded by dozens of enthusiastic teenage golfers.

If you are looking for someone worthy of your cheers and support as this great event unfolds in our neighborhood, you certainly couldn’t go wrong rooting for either or both of these fine gentlemen.


US OPEN: Lakewood gets to be the doormat

Fort Steilacoom Park is the crown jewel of Lakewood, offering venues for sports, events, dogs and enjoying nature. To support events in the park, small areas of the tall, flowing grasslands are mowed to be used as temporary parking areas for events.

The citizens of Lakewood have relied on the city to protect the park when issuing use permits for events by denying permits for activities that have no relationship to the park, which limit general use of the park or that require modification to the park.

The city was naive to allow a park to become a parking lot. The tall

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US OPEN: Restrictions are all about money

Re: “Plan would ban boats near Open” (TNT, 4-8).

Every time I read of another restriction placed on the taxpaying citizens of University Place, I have to wonder who is pulling the strings of the City Council.

From the removal of the dog park and the ban on parking on private property to no food trucks or vendors and now a 1,000-yard restriction on the water, it would seem that unless the U.S. Open organization makes money from it, all activities are being banned.

To my way of thinking, this last ploy was meant on ensuring that no one could watch anything without paying,

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US OPEN: State lawmakers sure have a sweet deal

Re: “Ethics board OKs golf tickets for lawmakers” (TNT, 2-11).

Wow, when I grow up I want to be a state legislator. They make a pretty decent salary for only 90 days or so of work, they get $120 per day extra pay during session, and the Citizen’s Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials wants to give them an 11.5 percent raise. Sweet!

Now Pierce County has gotten the OK from the ethics board to give them free tickets to the U.S. Open golf extravaganza. What a deal!

No wonder so many of our state legislators run for office time after

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US OPEN: No free tickets for public servants

Re: “Ethics panel to consider free Open tickets for lawmakers” (TNT, 2-8).

Giving free tickets to the U.S. Open to our public servants and not to we the people is an example of what is wrong with our wonderful country.

A note to our servants: Give any tickets you are given to this upcoming event to someone who deserves it. I do believe there are a few good people in our government who can act on this.