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UPLACE: US Open trip wastes taxpayer money

Re: “Officials take last, costly chance to see US Open” (TNT, 6-8).

I am appalled that the City of University Place has sent seven public officials to North Carolina to learn, firsthand, what the US Open looks like up close and personal. I guess these politicians believe the University Place citizenry is naive.

It cost just under $20,000 to the City of University Place so our elected officials can schmooze with their buddies while socializing at the Pinehurst Resort. It’s not like University Place is incredibly solvent due to the 10-year fiasco known as the Town Center and the

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CHAMBERS BAY: Pilings useful – but we can see them

Re: “Preserve valuable wildlife at Chambers Bay” (Your Voice, 5-28).

What should happen in life and what actually does is the stuff that make stories infinitely more interesting. And sometimes that much more ironic and heartbreaking to boot.

Jennie Sheridan’s noble effort to keep all the old pilings and docks in place at Chambers Bay for all the wildlife habitat they provide is a perfect case in point. Her argument makes a lot of sense to me. Except for one thing: For some, old pilings and docks are just eyesores that simply must go.

Sheridan addresses this issue pretty

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FELONS: Why not also reject the SCC?

Re: “Must Tacoma have the only home for disturbed felons?” (editorial, 2-18).

So housing disturbed felons in places like the Rap House and Lincoln Park Work Release Center, situated so close to Lincoln High School in Tacoma, troubles The News Tribune’s editorial board some. I can understand that.

But then the board expresses its somewhat mistaken belief that Pierce County is completely against being used as a dumping grounds for the Department of Corrections. I think the facts speak otherwise.

After all, Pierce County has already tacitly accepted the Special Commitment Center, with its hundreds of sexually violent predators,

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CHAMBERS BAY: It’s about more than golf

Re: “Chambers still in the hole” (TNT, 2-18).

Chambers Bay golf course was not designed to be just another course but a tournament and tourist economic development attraction. Yet, every year The News Tribune does a budget-revenue analysis without any consideration of the course’s real goals.

Ironically, you publish a photograph of a golfer from Chicago on the course. Someone might have asked that golfer what hotel he stayed in, where he ate his meals, if he rented a car.

A real analysis of the success of Chambers Bay would be to find out how much sales tax, car

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SCC: Paradise Lost to sex predators

Re: “Don’t waste funds on predators’ ‘blank check’ defense” (editorial, 2-6).

I couldn’t agree more with the headline’s sentiment. However, it does not naturally follow for me that even if we did manage to drive their defense costs down substantially, it would make any more sense to keep those 284 sexual predators on McNeil Island than it did to keep the near thousand regular run-of-the-mill state prisoners there once upon a time.

After all, the only reason we ever moved all those predators onto McNeil Island in the 1990s was because we already had a small army of state

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UPLACE: Candidates’ answers are illuminating – or not

I appreciate The News Tribune making an informative primary election guide available to the region’s voters. The guide provides candidates an opportunity to state their views and positions on key district issues and to explain why they are seeking office.

Candidates usually take the opportunity to provide clear, responsive statements to the specific questions asked. However, for City Council Position 6 in University Place, I am still trying to determine what a “value proposition” is in Chris Nye’s response to the question, “Is the city on the right track with Town Center?”

I think he means he intends to

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CHAMBERS BAY: Course is already a success

Let’s clear the air about Chambers Bay Golf Course.

First, putting golf carts and paths on the course should never happen. To do so would require millions of dollars of remodeling to greens and approaches, ruining the “true links” design. It would also kill the fescue grasses, another unique feature of the course.

Lastly it is clear that doing so would destroy the very features that have made the course one of the top 10 courses in America and would likely result in the cancellation of the U.S. Open. That tournament will produce about $150 million in economic development for

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