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WILDFIRES: DNR’s plans pay off for Washington

The front-page article about the state Department of Natural Resources wildfire mitigation plans was generally well done. However, the title – “Money to burn” – may lead readers to believe the concept is inappropriate.

The article itself is positive. A key fact is that in the last five years, $200 million has been spent fighting wildfires, while only $31 million was spent on prevention activities. Paying for better forest health in advance will significantly reduce firefighting costs as well as the millions of dollars in losses not shown in the article.

The U.S. Forest Service (the largest forest landowner in

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FORESTS: Stronger management needed

Alarm bells went off after reading Mark Quinn’s Viewpoint (TNT, 4-28) on the forest management rules proposed by the U.S. Forest Service.

I am shocked that in the midst of the Obama administration’s advocacy for the use of best available science – a great reprieve from the attempts to shove science in the closet by the previous administration – these rules only call for forest managers to “take into account” best available science.

While I appreciate that this is the first time they’ve attempted to update the existing regulations in my lifetime, I am bewildered as to the scaling back

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FORESTS: Mankind must be good stewards

Re: “Public’s input on wildlife needed” (Viewpoint, 4-28).

I was pleased to read the excellent opinion piece by Mark Quinn highlighting the need for stronger protections for our national forests. I agree that the proposed U.S. Forest Service rules need to be strengthened in the areas of wildlife and watershed protection, public participation and the use of sound science.

As a resident and pastor for 40 years here in Tacoma, I am well aware that our national forests in Washington state are essential to the quality of life for every person whether they hike, ski, hunt, fish, camp, kayak or

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RAINIER: Bedlam in the wilderness skies

Re: “Park flight fight hits turbulence” (TNT, 4-25).

I live near Mount Rainier. Air traffic has increased dramatically, especially military: helicopters and twin-engine Sherpas flying low to the ground even at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., rattling windows, heading to Yakima.

Then there are search-and-rescue aircraft, National Park Service-contracted aircraft, and commercial and private sightseeing aircraft. My once peaceful neighborhood is now noisy with the drone and thumping of aircraft.

Camping on Stevens Ridge, two miles into the wilderness, we couldn’t hear each other talk from the low-flying park service helicopter. On Panorama Point, it is common to see aircraft

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