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CHAMBERS BAY: Give credit where it’s due

In all the well-deserved praises that have been heaped on the Chambers Bay golf course, the U.S. Amateur championship and the many volunteers who made it a success, no mention has been made of the people who made it all happen.

I am speaking of John Ladenberg, our former county executive, and other county officials who, in the face of much criticism and resistance, had the foresight and courage to stick to their guns.

The property could have easily been zoned for high-end homes, condos and supporting businesses benefiting a few and generating substantial tax income to the county. Yet

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UPLACE: City missed a bet with Amateur

It is a great concern of mine at how poorly University Place marketed the U.S. Amateur Championship that is currently being held in our city. Other than a few banners on lamp posts and council discussions there has been very little mention of University Place hosting the tournament.

This was a big opportunity that was missed and hopefully will not have an effect on the final decision from the U.S. Open committee.

I was at council meetings where there was discussion from city staff about how they were in charge of the event promotion. There was also discussion of how

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