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ELECTION: Denny Heck doesn’t bash anyone

Re: “Why is Heck bashing tea partiers?” (letter, 10-27).

The writer’s assertion that Denny Heck bashes tea partiers or anyone else on TV or in person is fanciful.

I have had many opportunities to hear Heck speak in various places, from coffees to public forums. I cannot recall him bashing anyone. He advocates rational, empirically sound solutions to the difficult problems we face. Coming from him, that is not idle. He is a man with substantial experience in the Legislature and in the executive offices of government. He knows whereof he speaks.

In addition, after Heck left government service,

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I-1240: TVW discussion informative about charter schools measure

Thank you for holding an informative discussion regarding the charter school initiative (I-1240) on tvw.org. This is a great opportunity for parents to reach out to educators and have more constructive input on behalf of students who are struggling, whether low-income or high achievers.

Thank you for sharing your editorial board’s discussion with the public; it was full of information that held my interest throughout the entire discussion. Well done.


TACOMA: Why only half a candidate forum?

As a 1984 charter member of Tacoma City Club, I joined a community involved in thorough, thoughtful white paper studies and informative dialogues as well as inclusive candidate forums. No longer. No more.

City Club held its Oct. 6 dinner “debate” with only two judicial candidates. Citing “time constraints,” City Club leaders have decided to “pick and choose” only half of the 27th and 28th District candidates for their upcoming Oct. 20 lunch presentation.

Longtime incumbents Jeannie Darnielle and Tami Green received no invitation to defend their records, while first-time challengers Jon Higley and Paul Wagemann were also not invited

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