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TV: Closed captioning still in the dark ages

Seahawk player Derrick Coleman’s story has received a lot of attention lately. He’s the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. Hopefully, one of the positive things to come out of the telling of his story is that local TV stations and the networks make improvements to the closed captioning for the hearing impaired on television.

If you’re watching a TV show or movie that is scripted and obviously prerecorded, the closed captioning is not a problem. However, try watching news, sports, morning talk shows – essentially anything that is live TV.

One of the problems is the placement of

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TV: Study’s results seem intuitively obvious

Re: “Better TV may help with kids’ behavior” (TNT, 2-19).

One has to wonder how much money was spent studying something that seems intuitively obvious: that if young children watch too much violence on TV, they become more violent themselves. Yet this study seems to have been done in such a manner that the results are questionable at best. Even the people running it question some of their own methods.

When will common sense provide the answers to such problems rather than relying on some half-baked exercise like this? Surely the parents of today are smart enough to figure

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