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Tag: Tuberculosis and Malaria


HEALTH: Hope on the horizon in fighting malaria

Re: “Potential to put end to malaria needs big push” (Michael Gerson column, 8-14).

“A baby dies every 60 seconds from malaria” is a startling statement. Thus the possibility of a malaria vaccine is good news indeed.

Gerson writes about the problem of getting the vaccine to the people who need it in the poorer parts of the world. Enter the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It is the answer to dispensing this and other vaccines and medicines.

The Global Fund calls for and funds grants from local governments and nonprofits on the ground where treatment is

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AIDS: AIDS-free generation is possible

Re: “WHO: Treat people with HIV early to stop spread” (TNT, 7-1).

Saving money and saving lives is always a great idea. When it comes to the AIDS virus, this means millions of lives and billions of dollars.

Though costing an initial 10 percent more to get the medicine early, the World Health Organization is recommending this protocol. This is the next step to the AIDS-free generation that President Obama and others say is possible.

One of the most successful ways to get the medicine to the people who need it is provided by the Global Fund to Fight

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