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JUSTICE: Cases show cause for concern

I am quite concerned about two different legal issues covered in Sunday’s News Tribune. The first article concerned the office of our county prosecutor and its high rate of overturned convictions. The second was about our state auditor, Troy Kelley, and his indictment.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist has been dismissive of what the state Supreme Court has judged about many of his prosecutions. He seems to forget his place in the legal food chain in this state. It is his job to prosecute under the law. It is not his job to circumvent our legal process to convict.

It is a matter

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TRANSPARENCY: Demand openness of officials

Re: “Kelley must come clean regarding investigation” (editorial, 3-29).

I personally share The News Tribune editorial board’s view about Troy Kelley’s need to address these issues now, rather than practicing the bunker mentality that so many government officials do. In fact, I would hope you demand the same from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning her “private” e-mail account.

We need our local and national media to express outrage every time we find a government official giving lip service to transparency and refusing to disclose. Without the media hounds chasing these officials, we’d never know when we had one “treed.”

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KELLEY: Articles seem to presume auditor’s guilt

Regarding the federal agents “investigating” state Auditor Troy Kelley (TNT, 3-23), there have been a couple of articles written about it but little of substance. All we know is that for some reason, not given or not known, federal agents are doing an investigation. Period!

The rest of the articles discuss past events and lawsuits that appear to have nothing to do with the investigation into . . . something.

It sure looks like he is being presumed guilty of something, whatever it is that is being investigated, with little to no factual information being given. Quoting politicians did nothing to

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ELECTION: Troy Kelley will be excellent auditor

State Rep. Troy Kelley has the knowledge, experience, integrity and temperament to replace Brian Sonntag and be an excellent state auditor.

I have served with Kelley for six years in Olympia as a fellow state representative and have seen him in action numerous times while we worked together on both the House Audit Review and Oversight Committee and the Legislative Audit Committee. He exactly knows the type of performance improvements government agencies must accomplish in order to eliminate waste and improve citizen satisfaction.

Kelley will bring his extensive military and business leadership to this office and help all state agencies

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ELECTION: Troy Kelley best choice for auditor

State Rep. Troy Kelley has served as a legislator for six years in the 28th District. In the voters’ pamphlet, his opponent characterizes him as “professional politician.” His opponent wants to become a professional politician. He ran for Congress in 2010 and filed for Congress in 2012 before switching to run for state auditor.

Kelley’s opponent makes reference in the voters’ pamphlet to a fox watching the hen house. It now appears that Kelley’s opponent is the fox with his eye on the hen house for he was calling state employees in the auditor’s office soliciting campaign donations. Not too

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ELECTION: Kelley worthy of auditor’s office

The News Tribune editorial board has, once again, gotten it wrong in its endorsement of James Watkins for state auditor (editorial, 10-12).

His opponent, Troy Kelley, has represented me for six years in the House of Representatives and has done an excellent job. Kelley stands for open government and fiscal responsibility, where this paper has reported that Watkins will not disclose even one of his “150-plus performance audits.” The City of Fircrest, and municipalities across the state, have benefited from Kelley’s work preserving the Public Works’ Trust Fund.

I first heard about Kelley from Rep. Larry Seaquist, who gave

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ELECTION: Watkins is clear choice for state auditor

Re: “Allegations at center of auditor’s race” (TNT, 10-8).

According to the article, “Allegations surfacing from a candidate’s past have brought a higher profile to the usually sleepy race for state auditor.” We find out that “Troy Kelley’s time at First American ended acrimoniously with both sides accusing each other of wrongdoing amid a wrongful termination lawsuit Kelley filed.” Then the reader is informed that “people liked Troy and worked very hard for him.”

Unfortunately, this article doesn’t tell the whole story. Kelley denies the allegations against him, yet he paid an undisclosed amount to settle this suit for misappropriation

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ELECTION: Why is TNT smearing Troy Kelley?

I have been dismayed over the past three months with The News Tribune’s coverage of the race for state auditor. You have consistently disseminated the false and spurious accusations of the inferior candidate, James Watkins, presenting these accusations as factual when they are anything but, amounting to attempted character assassination of his opponent, Troy Kelley.

It is as if we were back to the “good old days” of yellow journalism and muckraking. It is one thing to pursue the story of a genuinely unbalanced public servant run amok; it is quite another to sully the reputation of an upstanding and

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