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TRIBES: No proof that prosecutorial power against non-Indians is necessary

The article (TNT, 8-13) about tribes seeking prosecution power against non-Indians was interesting, but I saw no real credible evidence the tribes even need this measure.

Where’s the data from reliable sources (not the Democrats’ less-than-reliable think tanks) that this law is even needed? Who’s against violence against women? Everyone, of course. There are now plenty of local, state and federal laws now in force to deal with the non-Indians committing crimes both on and off the reservation. We don’t need more to gum up the prosecution’s chances.

What we do have is Sen. Patty Murray trying to drum

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TAXES: Gaming is an option worth pursuing

It is interesting that our governor is speaking for our Legislature in declaring non-tribal gaming not an option for increasing state revenue.

The only downside that I can see is that the various tribes that have been provided the means to monopolize the gaming business may reduce the amount of their donations to their political allies.

The reality is that if the state were to expand gaming, even limited to existing locations, more people would be employed, maybe even some of the soon-to-be displaced liquor store workers.

The excuse that the money wouldn’t come fast enough also doesn’t make sense.

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TAXES: The unmentionable solution

Who’s running this state anyway? Have tribal gaming interests reached a level of strength allowing them to dictate to our local and state government?

In spite of all the hand-wringing, has one politician suggested taxing casino profits? No, let’s tax beer, candy and water. Few if any newspapers or TV channels will say anything for fear of damaging their income from tribal sources.

We need to reinstate the taxes on Indian casinos that Gov. Chris Gregoire decided they did not have to pay! Twenty states, including California, tax these profits at an average of 10 percent. How can we

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