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TRASH: Since when is the curb a garbage dump?

What is with the recent phenomena of disposing of one’s unwanted items on the street in front of one’s home? This practice has gained in popularity recently and has taken on a life of its own.

Putting out unwanted beds, furniture, sinks, TVs, car parts and whatever else you don’t care to properly dispose of is tacky at best, not to mention an eyesore. Trying to get City of Tacoma code enforcement to respond when these items sit there for days or even weeks is about as easy as getting that pothole filled.

Have we become so calloused in our

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TACOMA: Those butts last just about forever

I recently spent a few hours with over a dozen other members of our Midland community cleaning up our stretch of the road along Portland Avenue. We accumulated more than 34 bags of trash, and it could have been more had we picked up every single cigarette butt that was along the road.

There may well be a misconception among some smokers – indeed, I know there is – that cigarette butts decompose. Not so. While they may not last as long as hot dogs in the landfill, they certainly have longevity when tossed out a window or discarded carelessly

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TRASH: Littering leads to downward spiral

Re: “Litter befouls Western Washington” (letter, 7-20).

I thank the writer for stating what I have been thinking since I moved to unincorporated Pierce County in February. The scenery is beautiful, but I am appalled at the amount of plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, etc., on the side of the roads.

I would be out there picking up litter and sorting recycles, as I did in Seattle when I’d walk my dog, but it’s too dangerous here without a sidewalk or berm. And frankly, at this point, it needs a crew to clean up.

How a place looks makes a

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TRASH: Litter befouls Western Washington

I just got back from my vacation – a 6,200-mile motorcycle ride from Spanaway to my mom’s in Ohio and back. I took as many back roads as possible.

I am ashamed to say that the streets and neighborhoods around Pierce County are by far the dirtiest, most trashy and in worse repair than any of the small towns in the Heartland. These are small farming towns that clearly don’t have the wherewithal and tax base of any of our well- off towns around here.

The grass along the roads was cut and just about free of litter. I didn’t

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