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TRANSPORTATION: Building more roads isn’t the answer

Re: “Region must come together on transportation package” (Viewpoint, 3-27).

Fife Mayor Tim Curtis writes in favor of the $1.8 billion Puget Sound Gateway Project (the state Route 167 and 509 connections to Interstate 5).

Curtis states that traffic along these routes wastes commuters’ time and causes increased air pollution. However, air pollution is not caused by traffic, but by cars. If we want to limit air pollution and address climate change, we should invest in alternative modes of transportation rather than widening freeways to attract more cars.

Further, the project will barely affect traffic. In fact, Owen Pickford from The Urbanist

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COUNTY: All share in cost of transportation

Re: “Life is about choices, island dwellers” (letter, 1-21).

The writer seems to imply that Anderson Island residents should be paying more (or all) of the costs to operate the Pierce County ferry.

The sharing of tax dollars is basic to our country’s transportation system. Consider that the federal government shares tax dollars with the state in the construction of highways. Without that sharing arrangement, all of us - regardless of where we live - would be driving on totally inadequate interstate highways.

Should tolls be put on all highways so that road users might participate in the construction and maintenance of those highways, even

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ELECTION: O’Ban’s positions opposite of TNT’s

You recently endorsed Steve O’Ban for the state Senate in the 28th District (editorial, 10-14). All well and good. What perplexes me is that on virtually all of the issues – from climate change, to gun control, to women’s reproductive rights, to transportation - you have supported positions diametrically opposed by O’Ban.

How can you support positions on editorial page and then endorse a candidate who opposes those very positions? I am truly puzzled.


TAXES: We have to pay if we want good roads

Re: “Come out and say it: Good roads need taxes” (editorial, 7-20).

I am reminded of the upheaval caused by California’s Proposition 13 several decades ago. Taxes were slashed, and before long, funding for vital state services began to run dry. The vitriolic venom from the citizens was a staple on national news broadcasts for a long time.

Finally a state legislator appeared on the news one evening with a timeless quote: “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die! Nobody wants to pay their taxes, but nobody wants to take a cut in services either.”

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TAXES: Money state gets isn’t spent correctly

Re: “Lower the sales tax and institute an income tax” (letter, 3-8).

The writer must not be aware of how our state government works. If the state were to ever institute an income tax, it would not lower any other tax ever. It is called “greed.”

The more money this state gets, the more it spends on the wrong things. The transportation budget has been delayed for too long now. There are projects to finish (state Route 167, for one) that just keep getting pushed to the back burner. A state income tax would not guarantee that any of

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TRAFFIC: State needs transportation package

We need a transportation package passed as soon as possible. Our quality of life is being held hostage by our state legislators. Our highway system is collapsing right before our eyes. Everyday traffic in Washington state is getting worse.

I spend more time stuck in traffic than I do at home with my family. Are you tired of being neglected by the people you voted for? We need to do something about it. We need to let our legislators know that enough is enough, and we won’t take it anymore.

The 11.5 cents gas tax to fund the transportation bill

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TRAILS: Fund completion of nonmotorized trails

Although nonmotorized trails are typically owned and operated by county parks departments and are generally thought of as recreation resources, they are also transportation corridors. They provide links between work, school, parks, shopping and businesses.

Every cyclist on an errand using a trail removes a driver from the roads. Therefore, the transportation budget should include funding for nonmotorized trails.

Nonmotorized trails will be most effective when they form a useful network between and within our communities. It has taken far too long to achieve this.

For example, the Foothills Trail Coalition has been in existence for 25 years, promoting the

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ELECTION: Councilman supports Nathan Schlicher

During my 16 years on the Gig Harbor City Council, I’ve had the chance to work with an impressive group of legislators representing the 26th District from both sides of the aisle. Over the last year, I’ve been particularly impressed by state Sen. Nathan Schlicher.

Schlicher’s appointment came after a lengthy process that didn’t see him seated until session had already begun, but he immediately hit the ground running. An ER physician by trade, he brought a wealth of knowledge on health care issues.

Coming from local and regional government though, my focus tends to be on transportation and economic

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