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TRANSIT: I’ve got mine, too bad for you

Regarding Pierce Transit’s reduction of bus service (TNT, 6-11), Royboy361 commented online: “I was tired of paying taxes for something I wasn’t going to use.”

What a perfect example of a me-first, me-only attitude. Should those who don’t drive cars refuse to pay taxes for roads or to fix the never-ending Tacoma potholes or to prevent our bridges from falling down? Should those without kids refuse to pay taxes for schools?

I never had children but I always supported taxes for schools because they are necessary for the good of society as a whole – as are bus service,

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TRANSIT: Is a name change in order?

Re: “Board cuts bus service; small cities cry foul” (TNT, 6-11).

Maybe a name change is in order for Pierce Transit. With less and less money being spent on service outside of Tacoma, maybe it should be called Tacoma Transit.

Why doesn’t it do like the airlines often do and declare bankruptcy and restructure so it can renegotiate its contracts? Then maybe it could afford better service.


TRANSIT: You don’t want me on the road with you

Re: “3 small Pierce cities protest transit cuts” (TNT, 6-10).

Do the people of Pierce County who rejected the transit tax increase last fall realize what that will do on all the major roadways? I can only visualize people, like myself, who have very poor vision, driving and being the cause of more accidents than we already have due to the fact that these people can’t distinguish colors such as traffic lights and have slower reflexes. These are the people who depend on public transportation or shuttle service to get them to doctor appointments or grocery shopping, amongst other

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TRANSIT: Don’t add Link line to Stadium Way

Several of Sound Transit’s proposed routes for extending the Tacoma Link include constructing a rail line running up Stadium Way. This is a bad idea.

Stadium Way is a main arterial connecting Interstate 705 and Interstate 5 to the Stadium District, Upper Old Town along North Tacoma Avenue, Multicare facilities, and surrounding residential and commercial areas. This thoroughfare carries heavy auto traffic; many travelers who cannot depend on public transit due to destinations or trip origins outside the transit boundaries or at long distances from transit routes.

Closed now during reconstruction, Stadium normally accommodates school and transit buses in addition

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TAXES: Added car tab tax causes misuse of funding

Legislators are proposing a .7 percent excise tax in addition to a $40 tax on tabs cities and local transit authorities want to require. This means car tab taxes will be raised on an $18,000 car to about $300 from about $93.

I don’t see the exact need for doubling (or tripling) the price of license tabs. The state and local agencies did fine after Initiative 695 was passed. Bus service won’t change as a result. I was told by Pierce Transit that my power chair is inaccessible for buses and eligibility for Shuttle is not an option.

What will

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TAXES: We’re already paying enough

Transit advocates want more funding for public transit. They would like the Legislature to allow local jurisdictions to impose a motor vehicle excise tax or increase car tab fees to fund transit.

The state is looking for funding sources for transportation projects. Suggestions have been tolls, an increase in the gas tax or some other funding sources.

The state is facing a billion-dollar shortfall in education funding that lawmakers are trying to figure out how to fund. The governor says no new taxes, but how else do you come up with the funds?

State Sen. Karen Keiser wants to expand

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TAXES: Transit agencies should have plan to turn a profit

In today’s weak economy, why are the citizens of the Puget Sound region not holding our politicians accountable for out-of-control spending which leads to more regressive taxes?

A good example is our regional mass transit system. Currently serving the Puget Sound we have Pierce Transit, Metro, Community Transit and Sound Transit. All of these agencies overlap routes and require huge infusions of dollars to stay in business. Where do the dollars come from? Yes, us taxpayers. For every dollar these agencies generate from fares, how much do these fares offset our tax burden?

Consider this. As a private business, I

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TRANSIT: Smaller tax measure infeasible

Re: “Press reset button on mass transit for cities losing buses” (Our View, 11-14).

The News Tribune asserts that if the Pierce Transit Board had proposed a 0.2 percent sales tax measure, it “might well have won.” A smaller tax measure was studied and deemed infeasible by Pierce Transit. I served on the citizen committee that studied it last year.

Despite cost containment and management layoffs, it would have combined higher taxes with less bus service in outlying areas where people ride less often and costs are generally higher. The campaign logistics for communicating with voters who would be paying

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