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TRAFFIC: Why don’t drivers yield to emergency vehicles?

I sat across the street at an intersection the other day and watched 11 cars cross as a fire engine with the emergency lights and siren on tried to cross.

I watched an ambulance with lights on and a fire engine try to get through traffic on Pacific Highway recently. I saw no one stop and pull over. No one even slowed down.

I used to work emergency services in Atlanta, and even at 5 p.m. the cars parted like the Red Sea for emergency vehicles. Why can’t we make an attempt to move over here?

Maybe we should start putting cameras on

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TRAFFIC: Voters stripped funding from roads

Re: “No relief in sight on region’s highways” (letter, 5-21).

State highway officials do plan 20 years into the future. Twenty years ago, the plan was to have completed all of the projects currently underway and many more by now. Then state voters stripped all the funding (Initiative 695), and everything crashed to a halt.

Don’t blame the state Department of Transportation; ask each other why people with expensive cars couldn’t afford to pay a few bucks a month for a transportation system.

Now we’re looking at higher and higher gas taxes to make up for it, and we’re left

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TRAFFIC: Divert focus to public transportation

Re: “No fast relief for I-5 traffic nightmare” (TNT, 5-18).

Over the 37 years I have lived in Pierce County, I have read dozens of news articles about how just one more lane, or two, on the I-5 corridor will fix the traffic problems in the area. When will those in charge of funding transportation realize that well run public transportation needs to be funded and may actually decrease the number of cars on the road?

It may take time to build commuter train infrastructure but it is worth it in the long run. Providing good, frequent commuter trains

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TRAFFIC: All debris should be covered

Re: “Damage by debris from truck mainly your problem” (Traffic Q&A, 5-11).

The letter writer noted in his question that trucks spill debris all over the roads and that there is little recourse for it. I live on Waller Road and there is little debris on my stretch of the road. The reason is because I have been picking it all up and collecting it.

You should see my collection of concrete stones thrown from the trucks that head to the concrete recycling yard. Several times a year I even stop traffic as I hop out of my van and pick

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TRAFFIC: Better enforcement of laws needed

A recent letter writer (TNT, 2-5) rightly complained about the lack of enforcement of speed laws on state Route 16, and the likely consequences that may ensue. I share her concerns and frustration.

In the past year, especially, I have consistently observed traffic law violations every time I drive. These include: speeding, reckless driving, failure to yield the right-of-way, failure to signal, running red lights/stop signs, passing in a no-passing zone, ad nauseam.

Yesterday, on my way to a friend’s house here in Lakewood (a distance of 3.3 miles), I had a vehicle pass me at high speed (I estimate 40 mph) on Interlaaken

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TACOMA: Anders Ibsen works with neighborhood

Re: “Tacoma Councilman Ibsen seeks re-election” (thenewstribune.com, 1-21)

Our street, North Highlands Parkway, is a well-traveled road throughout the day. Many cars, buses and trucks pass by, coming and going every day on our street. Many drivers understand they are in a neighborhood, but many speed through using it as a shortcut between North 21st and Pearl streets.

Our homeowners association tried several times over the years to get the city to install another speed hump (two exist near the Lutheran Home) to help slow down traffic.

When Anders Ibsen ran for City Council in 2011, he hit the pavement

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TRAFFIC: Lakewood-Tillicum bike lane would help

Re: “Officials have plan but no funds for I-5″ (TNT, 1-14).

A significant issue which was overlooked in the article about chronic Interstate 5 traffic congestion in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area is the absence of any connecting link (other than I-5 itself) between Lakewood and Tillicum.

A new frontage road between the Gravelly Lake and Thorn Lane exits should be an important part of the long-range I-5 rebuilding plan. In the meantime, and at only modest expense, a simple, fence-separated bicycle and pedestrian path could be built alongside the noise-reduction walls south of the freeway.

This would allow well-separated and safer travel

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TRAFFIC: Speed limit less important than going with the flow

On the subject of speed limits (TNT, 12-29), I was recently returning from Westport after digging razor clams when I was stopped by a State Patrol officer. I was going 57 mph in a 50 mph zone and was impeding traffic.

The officer did not ticket me, but explained that anytime one is going with the traffic flow, regardless of the posted limit signs, they are traveling at the correct speed. He also said that many accidents are caused by traffic impediment because it creates such frustration in the other drivers.

I now keep up with the flow instead of

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