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CAMERAS: Let scofflaws help pay cities’ bills

I read that the Puyallup City Council is considering whether to discontinue use of red-light
cameras (TNT, 3-22).

It’s difficult for me to understand why there’s any question whether or not these cameras reduce accidents. Of course they do. That’s why so many citizens are against them; they want to continue to run red lights without any penalty.

I fail to see why all levels of government shouldn’t consider that one of the most ideal solutions to their budget dilemmas is to make those who take the law into their own hands the best ones to help them

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TACOMA: City officials abusing their power

The Tacoma City Council is considering raising $419,500 in new revenue by increasing fines for red-light camera tickets (TNT, 11-23),

Using traffic fines for purposes other than traffic control is an abuse of power. The people who must pay these excessive penalties are victims of those whom they elected to represent them. This type of behavior by government officials leads to a lack of respect and loss of trust in them by the community at large and thus a decay of our system of government.


LAWS: Too many of us pick and choose which laws to obey

Re: “Cell phones: Law being widely ignored” (letter, 5-5).

After reading this letter I feel compelled to point out something invariably overlooked by those reporting on the controversy surrounding red-light cameras. That these cameras generate cash demonstrates that drivers routinely ignore a law, underscoring the letter writer’s apt point, “What is actually happening in our culture is a spirit of anarchy. If you selectively obey certain laws yet without hesitation disregard others, that is the seed bed of anarchy.”

Why care about anarchy? Because our nation is bankrupt. When people are immersed in a culture that embraces individual freedom to

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CAMERAS: Easy to avoid hefty tickets

To solve the problem some people are having with traffic cameras is
very simple.

• Pay attention to where you are at and drive defensively.

• Don’t be a yellow-light accelerator or green-light anticipator.

• Be cautious, and obey all traffic laws.

Results: NO violations = NO tickets = NO fines = NO problem.


FIFE: Are cameras scaring away customers?

Re: Fife traffic cameras.

I’ve all but stopped transiting Fife because of the traffic cameras. I used to go to various eating establishments for lunch, but now I eat my lunch at work or travel from the Tideflats to Tacoma. I’ve compared notes with a lot of co-workers, and they have the same feelings.

I would think that Fife’s Chamber of Commerce would be wise to try to determine if business is in fact negatively impacted and if so to what extent. If I owned a business in Fife (or other cities), I’d be very interested to know.


FIFE: August infraction dismissed without notice

Re: Fife’s traffic cameras.

I have been following your letters to the editor on this subject since I, too, received a notice of infraction on Aug. 31 from Fife.

I immediately filled out the request for a hearing and promptly returned it the next day. Six months later I had heard nothing. Not wanting to be stopped on an outstanding warrant, I sent the city a letter last week asking why I had not yet received a hearing date. Just to get the matter over with I included a check covering the cost of the fine under protest.


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FIFE: Safety obviously isn’t the city’s goal

Letters to the editor seems to have become one of the few places that a citizen can vent regarding the City of Fife’s photo enforcement brigands.

One recent letter even extolled the city for its success in increasing safety on the streets of Fife. The writer obviously has not yet received his first citation for violating RCW 46.61.050 pursuant to 46.63.170 and Fife Municipal Code Chapter 10.60 et seq.

If safety and not the collection of traffic fines is the prime consideration for installing cameras, why do more than 95 percent of the revenues result from citations issued involving speeds

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CAMERAS: How to keep business away

Re: “Traffic cameras discourage business” (letter, 3-16).

Our lawmakers did not intend traffic cams to be cash cows for cities and towns. They wanted to reduce accidents and violations of traffic laws. When cities choose to make the fines as high as possible, they are sending a message: “Don’t come here to spend your money.”

I have obliged for some time, but fear I am going to be overwhelmed by cameras soon. Meanwhile, I suggest we all avoid any businesses that are in communities that have either excessive traffic fines or paid parking. It’s not like we don’t have other

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