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TACOMA: Indecency tolerated by TPD?

On July 12 at about 5 p.m., I was driving eastbound down Sixth Avenue in Tacoma. Just before Lawrence Street, I noticed that a topless woman was walking down the street protesting something. I called 911.

Two Tacoma police officers arrived in less than five minutes. They stood there and talked to her for a while and then left without arresting the topless woman. She just adjusted her signs and started walking again.

Why did the officers not arrest her? Do we not have laws on the books against public indecency? There are still some of us left in the

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TACOMA: Police helpful in cooling ‘hot spot’

Re: “Police layoffs may force Hilltop ‘hot spots’ to see fewer officers” (TNT, 12-26).

This article, about reducing the police presence on South Eighth Street and two other targeted crime areas – is disconcerting. We feel that the police presence has been helpful.

Having lived one block away from this area for more than 25 years, we and many of our neighbors know that the many problems created by absentee landlords continue to make South Eighth Street be a hot spot for well into its third decade.

A long-term solution requires joint police, neighborhood and city government intervention.


TPD: Car stolen from and then ticketed

My car never ran well, but it did its job. It was parked on a side street in Tacoma’s Proctor District. First it was broken into, ransacked and the gas siphoned. Next it was broken into by someone enterprising enough to pop the hood and steal the battery from my now-immobile car.

A few weeks later, a license plate was stolen. I called the police. I got a case number and was told to take the front plate off, too. I did.

My car was tagged on Dec. 29 for missing license plates and being parked without moving for too

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TACOMA: Protectors or perpetrators?

On Tuesday, I was sitting right here where I’m typing this letter now, minding my own business, when sounds from my front porch compelled me to investigate. What I found was someone pointing a handgun at me and ordering me to show my hands and proceed towards him slowly.

In a matter of seconds my mind raced from delivery person to someone thinking they were funny to the reality that this was a police officer, and he thought I was a bad guy. Once out on the porch, I was able to prove who I was and things calmed down.

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TACOMA: Consider Lakewood for police pay model

Re: “Extra-duty pay pushes 2 cops above Lakewood police chief” (TNT, 6-24).

I am not sure what The News Tribune was trying to accomplish with this article. Was it to show Lakewood as doing something questionable in its handling of extra pay? Or was it to show that other municipalities should follow their example? I hope it’s the latter.

It appears to me, as a Tacoma resident, that Lakewood is actually making some money to help pay expenses, while Tacoma is spending more money subsidizing extra pay for its officers.

I’m sure The Tacoma Police Department has reasons for this,

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TACOMA: What are the TPD’s priorities?

A few months ago, I pulled into a Tacoma big-box store’s parking lot and parked in the handicapped parking area. I was approached by a uniformed police officer and asked if this was my vehicle and handicapped tag, which they were. I was asked for the ID card with the tag, which I had and for my ID.

Last month, my wife was hit broadside in Tacoma by a vehicle turning left, crossing three lanes. She was bruised and banged up but fortunately suffered no broken bones. She called 911 and was told since no ambulance was needed that no

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TPD: Police not required to tell media anything

Re: “Chief once fired cop for lying” (TNT, 6-1).

The News Tribune been shilling for plaintiff’s counsel in this absurd matter of the Zina Linnik Amber Alert notification, but things have now reached pathetic levels. Let’s be clear about a few things:

• Nobody at the Tacoma Police Department was under any obligation to reveal anything to either The News Tribune or other media outlets about the case or any other active investigation. You are a private, for-profit businesses and not telling you things or not telling you the truth is no offense, criminal or otherwise.

• Sadly, Zina Linnick

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TPD: Rank-and-file officer would have faced termination

I have been reading these love letters for Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell and feel it is good that there is so much support for the chief. At the same time I am perplexed by the ignorance of many of those letter writers.

The department’s manual covers discipline for various violations, and one  specifically covers deliberate deception by an officer. If an officer has been found to be deceptive – lying – there is harsh punishment, up to termination.

Integrity is the blood of law enforcement, and when the top cop circumvents that integrity, it cuts to the public trust.

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